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MicroCorr Touch represents a breakthrough in leak detection technology. It features new “best in class” sensors providing new levels of sensitivity across the widest frequency range. This enables it to perform well in traditionally difficult conditions, such as on plastic and large diameter pipes.MicroCorr Touch is the first standalone correlator to feature a high visibility full colour VGA touch screen to greatly improve data entry and the quality of graphical presentation.  The intuitive user interface enables the unit to be operated with the minimum key presses and the helpful step by step menu system easily guides the user through the correlation process. The large screen clearly displays correlation results and supportive information and an innovative high contrast mode enables good visibility even in bright sunshine.

The unique Automated Filtering Intelligence System (AFIS) automatically runs up to 55 different filter combinations on each correlation, checking the quality of the result and optimising the filters until the best result is obtained.  AFIS works with both live and pre-recorded correlation data, and makes manual filter setting a thing of the past by effectively building an “expert user” into the unit.

The outstation is compact with high quality long range radio transmission; it also features a magnet to secure onto metallic street furniture.

The purpose designed robust case not only carries and protects all components but allows the base station and outstations to be charged from a single power lead, and displays charging status. Units can be stowed with sensors still  connected for faster deployment in the field.

Using our extensive experience of correlator design and manufacture, HWM have created an easy to use system that delivers the best all round performance at a highly competitive price.

  • 165mm high-visibility colour VGA Touch Screen.
  • Automated Filter Optimisation
  • Precise, accurate leak location.
  • Highly intuitive user interface based on minimum key presses.
  • Compact, portable design.
  • Robust construction.
  • Straps on rear to assist handling.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Weight - 1.9kg
  • Mil-spec connectors
  • High Impact PC/ABS Casework
  • Sensor Development (d.c.-5000Hz, High V/g)
  • Outstation to Basestation range - 1000m LOS.

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