Legionella Control Disinfection Systems


The Aquadron is GUARANTEED to kill pathogens such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. It is a water disinfection system that is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Aquadron makes a powerful biocide, that acts directly against bacteria and removes the biofilm that harbours it. It can be used for hot water treatment and cold water treatment. As the Legionella risk is removed the water temperature can be reduced, saving energy and money.

By using the Aquadron to dose the water supply, germs such as Legionella and Pseudomonas can be eliminated throughout the entire water system.

As the water system is free of pathogens thermal barriers are no longer required and the water temperatures can be reduced saving energy and money.

The Aquadron produces Anolyte, which is the most reliable disinfectant to combat Legionella, because it removes not only the pathogens in the water, but also the biofilm that harbours Legionella.

Low concentrations of Legionella bacteria can be found natural waters and ground water everywhere.

Problems arise when a specific sub-set of Legionella Pneumophila bacteria appear in water pipes, fittings, air conditioning systems, air washers, warm water systems, cooling towers, water reservoirs and cooling circuits. In cold water systems they can appear in summer as result of high outside temperatures and when there is poor isolation of the cold water pipes and the temperatures in the piping become greater than 20°C.

They are increasingly found in care homes, hospitals, schools, day cares, hotels, swimming centres, sports facilities, camping grounds etc. Old and infrequently serviced or infrequently used warm water pipes and tanks carry a higher risk of being a source and support strong reproduction of the Legionella bacteria.

Biofilm plays a key role in the reproduction process, because it protects and feeds the Legionella. The protection of the bacteria by the biofilm is also a reason why methods like thermal disinfection are very often not sustainable and can not solve the problem!

Benefits of The Aquadron for Legionella Control

The Aquadron is a proven and permanent water treatment system that addresses Legionella risks. Unlike thermal barriers or periodic treatment the Aquadron will actively kill bacteria 24/7 not just suppress their growth.

  • Continuous protection
  • Compliant with ACOP L8
  • Effective against Legionella
  • Effective against Pseudomonas
  • Allows reduced water temperatures
  • Replaces periodic treatment
  • Reduces energy use
  • Reduces scald risk
  • Treats water all the way to the outlet
  • Low-cost to operate
  • Can be leased or purchased
  • No hazardous substances
  • Single system can treat multiple water  systems
  • Can be used in drinking water
  • Remote monitoring

No other Legionella treatment system can offer you all these benefits.

Kill Vs Surpress

For a simultaneous fight against biofilm, Legionella, Pseudomonas and other pathogenic germs in the drinking water, Anolyte is the most effective solution.
As a pH neutral and aqueous-based agent the Anolyte mixes perfectly with water and is able to disperse in the water system, to block the growth of the biofilm and even to remove it in existing water pipes. The slimy border layer where micro-organisms grow is permeated and removed as well as the free Legionella that may be present in the flowing water.
Another advantage of Anolyte is that it is compliant with drinking water regulations and thus can be continuously applied. In the short to medium term existing Legionella contamination is removed and in the long-term their re-creation is prevented.

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