Lenntech Water Treatment

- Model 101 - Adsorbent Based on Granularferric Hydroxide



LENNSORB 101 is a high performance adsorbent based on granularferric hydroxide. Made in a patented manufacturing process, it was special developed for selective removal of heavy metals and other toxic elements from water. Recognized for its high quality, LENNSORB 101 adsorbent complies with all requirements of DIN EN15029.

LENNSORB 101 has been succesfully used for many years for heavy metal removal in groundwater purification as well as in treatment of process wastewaters and lanfill leachates.

LENNSORB 101 can be used in adsorption filters, underground filtration beds and permeable reactive barriers around polluted soil.

LENNSORB 101 adsorbs heavy metals such as chromium, uranium, copper and lead, as well as other toxic elements including arsenic, antimony, vanadium, molybdenum and selenium. Its adsorption capacity depends on the composition and properties of the water to be treated and the operating conditions.

  • Chemical composition: 6-FeOOH and Fe(OH),
  • Dry solids content: 57 % (± 10 %)
  • Iron content: 610 g/kg (± 10 %), relative to dry solids
  • Particle size range: 0.2-2.0 mm
  • Oversize fraction: <10%
  • Underslze fraction: <10%
  • Bulk density, backwashed: 1150 kg/m3 (± 10 %)
  • Specific surface area (BET method): approx. 300 mVg|

Adsorption filters

  • Bed deplht: 0.8 -1.6 m
  • Freeboard height: 50% of bed depth
  • Filtration velocity: < 20 m/h
  • Empty bed contact time (EBCT): > 3min
  • Pressure drop: max. 0.5 bar (7 psi)
  • Backwash velocity: 26 m/h (backwash with water only)
  • Duration of backwashlng: until outlet water is clear

LENNSORB 101 is supplied in plastic drums, FIBC’s (“big bags”) or tank trucks in the specific quantities required by the customer. The product is not subject to degradation in storage and has a storage life of at least 1 year. The product must not be permitted to dry out (e.g. do not expose to intense sunlight).

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