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- Model Leon - Stone Crusher



The stone crusher Series LEON of the company VALENTINI has been designed for satisfying the needs of the professional farmers as well as for the contractors that do road maintenances. LEON is a reverse rotation stone crushed provided with a large number of picks made of special steel and of counter blades bolted inside the hood. The stones are lifted from the ground and then crushed into small pieces against the counter blades, producing uniform material.

In agriculture, LEON converts fields full of stones into cultivable soil because it can go deep up to 15 cm.. A barren ground will then become good soil for vineyards, orchards, crops etc.., increasing enormously its value. The worked soil will then be very homogeneous and will help the uniform penetration of plants roots, which will thrive and grow better, thanks also to the minerals released by the crushed stones. Rain and irrigation water will be distributed more uniformly and the humidity of the ground will be maintained longer. In the industry, the stone crusher LEON can be used in several applications, such as leveling and rebuilding gravel roads, crushing debris, maintaining service roads and cutting fire lines in forest, destroying stumps, creating and leveling ski slopes, parks, golf courses etc. LEON is a machine that helps to preserve the environment and save money, because it is recycling the existing material. So, to service a country road, it will be necessary to bring gravel from a quarry, while debris, asphalt, concreteetc. will be shredded in place and it will not be necessary to dispose into a dump.

  • Three point hitch Category 2
  • Drive line with safety disengagement
  • Side transmission with pinions in oil bath (double on models 1800, 2000, 2300)
  • Rear rake screen to contain and select worked material
  • Manual and hydraulic adjustment

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