- Groundwater Monitoring Datalogger



The Leveltrack datalogger is equipped with an GPRS and/or 3G communication module, antenna or an internal battery. The data is stored locally and periodically and transmitted to the main post, through which the user is kept up to date about the water level state.

The Leveltrack datalogger is an energy efficient and easily deployable telemetric logger which uses 3G or LPWAN (LoRa/Sigfox) communication technology to transmit measurement data (multiple times a day) to a portal, such as H2gO. Through the application of LPWAN communication technology the battery life of the data logger can be expanded to last for a multitude of years. The logger is extremely useful for absolute and relative level measurements as the housing of the logger contains an external air pressure compensation valve and an integrated baro sensor. Through configurable attachment possibilities the logger is highly suitable for a wide variety of sensors and their application areas.


  • Water level measurement (for example ground-,  surface water, borehole level)
  • Overflows
  • Water flow measurements
  • Water quality measurements (subject to type of sensor/power consumption)
  • Moisture measurements

Communication methods
The Leveltrack datalogger is compatible with two types of communication methods; 3G or LPWAN (See box on the right). The frequency of the measurement intervals and the parameters that are measured and stored determine which method of communication is the best for each location. When the LPWAN edition is chosen you can select a local/national provider or create your own LoRa/Sigfox network.

Increased battery life
The battery life of the loggers is determined, for the largest part, by the amount of times that the communication module is addressed to and the measurement/data logging frequency. The low-power communication methods LoRa and Sigfox have the advantage that the battery life is almost twice as long as the 3G edition. On hourly logging basis the battery life can be up to 5 years.

Large data storage capacity
The Leveltrack has a micro SD-card for extra storage capacity. This stores the data in case the connection fails, which assures the availability of all the data. When the communication model is shut off, it functions as a semi-automatic logger. In this case the data is stored on the SD-card and can be gathered manually on site.

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