- Versatile Neutralizing Absorbent for Chemicals



In the event of chemical spills, personnel and equipment are highly exposed. The priority is to suppress the chemical hazard, in order to secure the area. With TRIVOREX neutralizing absorbent you will be ready to deal with all types of chemical spills and you can reduce the evacuation cost.

  • TRIVOREX® universal neutralizing absorbent can be used on all your chemicals (acids, bases, formaldehyde, solvents, oxidizers) by following a unique protocol.
    • You no longer need to identify the chemical before neutralizing it.
    • It eliminates all risk of accident complications due to incompatible chemical mixtures.
  • The absorbent turns pink in the presence of an acid or blue in the presence of a base and turns back yellow when neutralization is complete.
    • The pH colour indicator allows you to visually identify the hazard and follow the neutralization process of the corrosive substance.
  • The neutralization of the chemical suppresses the acid-base corrosivity by bringing the pH back to a non-hazardous level.
    • A chemical may emit hazardous vapours continuously. The neutralization of acids and bases makes it possible to stop these emissions at the source.
    • A neutralized chemical will no longer be corrosive, which reduces the risk of human and material contamination..
  • The mixture resulting from neutralization of the corrosive spill by TRIVOREX® can in most cases be removed as Non-Hazardous Waste*.
    • This declassification allows you to considerably reduce your waste removal costs by evacuating this waste with conventional waste (non-hazardous waste).
    • Waste will no longer be subject to the regulatory constraints* for the disposal of hazardous waste (*waste management documentation).

Based on amphoteric technology, LeVert chemical decontaminant makes it possible to stop the acid and base activity of chemicals, neutralizing them at a molecular level..

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