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- Model 75 - Pressure Booster Kit



In the Microelectronic world pressure variations in UPW, DI-Water and Chemical supply lines can be a problem for tools and processes. More and more, sophisticated manufacturing require a highly constant inlet pressure in order to keep the sensitive internal tool operations within the expected process window. As a result, any pressure fluctuations could possibly reduce process yields.

Based on increasing costs, pressure water systems and chemical supply systems are often designed to their limits. As a result we see unstable media supply systems, systems and processes that can not be controlled – LEVIBOOST™ guarantees a stable and accurate point-of-use pressure at no additional infrastructure investments.

Passive design components, like Pressure Regulating Valves, tend to harmonize the pressure volatility to a certain degree, however, they are causing additional pressure losses and undesirable particle shedding - LEVIBOOST™ provides constant system pressure to ± 1.5psi (0.1bar) and up to 10’000 times better particle shedding behavior.

  • Absolute accurate and constant water pressure
  • Independent from variations in water supply
  • Independent from variations in water consumption
  • No particle generation based on the revolutionary magnetic levitation pump, contact-free operation
  • Minimal foot print required - ultra compact design allows sub-floor installation
  • Flexible performance ~1 l to 75 l/min, ~0,25 to 20 gpm
  • Very economical - no water system infrastucture modifications required
  • Global service and application support


Proven High Purity components guarantee long life time, low maintenance and low particle  contamination levels. Plug-and-Play installation.

  1. Levitronix Motor: with Pump Head and Cooling Module (optional)
  2. Levitronix Pump Controller: for dynamic flow control
  3. Pressure Transducer: provides actual output pressure data
  4. User Interface: Start, Stop, Set pressure, display set and actual pressure
  5. System Status: Active: System rund in Control loop
  6. System Warning: Active: Pump is running but system needs attention
  7. System Error: Active: Pump is not running based on system error

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