- Straw - Community System


From a simple LifeFilta 'Straw' (personal filter) to a family / community system ... perfect for market segments with low-budget clients: this system requires minor mountings & material cost! New & very affordable system for families, communities, villages, rural areas, schools, prisons, ... LifeFilta 'Straw' mounted between two reservoirs (collection container from rain water, suspicious municipal water from any pond/river/... and a second container providing Safe Drinking Water) with standard water couplings 1'/32 mm & tap connection: Customer can use any existing or new container and any volumes are possible to purify (20L - 120L - 208 L - 1000L - ...) and 1 or more LifeFilta 'Straws' can be pounted 'modular' to increase the capacities on customers request ...

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