LiftUP Akva AS

- Sombrero Collector Cone - 120 cm with 8″ & 10″



This new sombrero collector-cone is our newest model, low and wide for use in large cages. It has a 14″ opening and a reducer with a tapered reduction from the entrance in the cone to the 8″ exit in the top of the reducer. This assures a huge capacity of suction for efficient removel of even large numbers of morts.

  • 120 cm outside diameter
  • For 8″ and 10″ Hose
  • 8″ for fish up to 10 Kgs.
  • Max 300 Kgs inside ballast

Optional: 150 kgs ballast pod 

Our new rotation molded ballast pod  adds up to 150 kgs extra ballast. This improves the lift capacity, and we recomend this for users with deep nets who do not use ballast suspended under the cage. It can easily be mounted on site over the reducer. It fits all sombreros with brass air-inlet supplied since 2008, and can be fitted on all older models by changing the air-inlet at the same time as fitting the ballast pod.

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