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SeaHow LightScooper is a versatile skimmer for cleaning oil from shoreline, swamps, pits of water or ice. It is unique in its efficiency of collecting also light oils such as diesel. SeaHow LightScooper is a bucket oil collector, intended to be used with a crane or an excavator. It is designed for oil recovery in shallow water from small pits to shoreline or in ice. LightScooper is light and small, providing an excellent collection capacity for its size and cost. Utilising SeaHow brush design and unique oil scraper it can collect both heavy and light oils efficiently.

LightScooper consists of a boom, collecting bucket, brush drum, suction tubes and an oil transfer pump. Boom has a hydraulic cylinder for turning the bucket. Brush drum is rotated using a hydraulic engine and oil transfer pump is located inside the vessel. Hydraulics is connected to the bucket and oil transfer pump. LightScooper can utilise hydraulics of the vessel or be delivered with a hydraulic power pack. Skimmer is steered with a remote control.

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