- Natural Rehabilitation System

Limnotop® is a system for leachate treatment and rehabilitation and protection of degraded soil. It is mostly applied for municipal waste landfills as a combination of a constructed wetland and an evapotranspiration filter. Leachate water is purified through the constructed wetland and on vegetated cover of the landfill. Such combination ensures faster decomposition and stabilisation of deposited waste thus enabling reuse of the site.

This method is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly towards ecosystem and landscaping. Planned selection of trees, their planting and area maintenance supports long-term biomass harvest.

Our services can be complete or partial but always customer oriented:

  • Estimation of situation on the terrain,
  • Elaboration of expert basis for rehabilitation,
  • Elaboration of conceptual design,
  • Elaboration of final project design for Limnotop®,
  • Dense tree planting over the landfill body (evapotranspiration filter),
  • Planning of irrigation system for establishment of closed water loop within the landfill body,
  • Surveillance of construction and performance optimisation,
  • Training of facility operating staff,
  • Elaboration of operation and maintenance manual.

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