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Accurate classification of different materials. Do you need to classify ore, coal, coke, sinter, pellets or rock reliably in large quantities? Then you need solutions which can be specially adapted in order to achieve the high quality required.


Our Solutions
Schenck Process linear vibrating screens fulfil all these requirements perfectly. They can handle the largest quantities of materials, and classify them to a high level of accuracy. Driven by robust DF force exciters, they are specially adapted to the widest range of requirements.

Flat-deck screen machine
The classic version for the classification of all bulks goods capable of sieving. All common screen linings can be used. Available as a single- or multiple-deck machine.

  • Width: 1,300-4,500 mm
  • Length: 4,800-11,500 mm
  • Capacity: up to 3,000 t/h
  • Separating cut: up to 100 mm

Classifying of bulk materials such as:

  • ƒSinter
  • ƒPellets
  • ƒCoke
  • ƒCoal
  • ƒOre
  • ƒLimestone
  • ƒAggregates
  • ƒSand and Gravel
  • ƒetc

Linear Motion Vibrating Screens LinaClass SLK model series are used to screen product flows into three (double-deck screen) or more fractions (more-deck screen). The cut-points can be set up to 100 mm. Their rugged design ensures a high degree of operating reliability and availability, even under harsh conditions. Schenck Process provides the optimal solution for your application thanks to its long years of experience in the design, construction and manufacturing of screens for the process industry.

Linear Motion Vibrating Screens are characterized by well-engineered design and a high quality standard. The components are fixed together with bolts and rivets. Schenck Process screens are designed for use with screen mats made of polyurethane (PU), rubber, wire or perforated plates. These screen mats can be easily replaced. Subassemblies such as side walls and hollow shaped cross beams are protected against wear and tear.

All LinaClass SLK model vibrating screens are equipped with the reliable Directed Force Exciter (model DF) and are based on the micro throw principle. The vibrating screens perform a linear movement at an angle of impact to the horizontal, generating the movement of the material. Overcritical systems are applied. This enables the vibrating screen to be operated stably and makes it extremely insensitive to unsteady loads.

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