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- Model 1000 / 1300 / 1600 / 1900 - Compact Single Shaft Waste Shredder



The Antares series provides access to all the advantages of innovative shredding technology – implemented with economic efficiency in a compact machine. The wide range of sizes allows you to adapt the shredder to your exact output requirements. The numerous features, smart functions and Lindner’s standard robust construction ensure a smooth production process under any conditions.

Efficient recycling and waste management is all about technology: benefit from the cutting- edge know-how of a leading shredding specialist. The new Antares model series gives you access to all advantages of innovative shredding technology – implemented with economic efficiency in a compact machine. Numerous equipment variants and special options enable precise adaptation of the shredder to your material requirements. The robust construction as well as intelligent comfort functions ensure a smooth production process at all times.

Internal Pusher

Lindner's original: tried and tested a thousand times over, our internal pusher allows for easy and secure machine feeding. Our years of experience and continuous development have left their mark on its distinctive design.

Constant Dosing
The self-regulating hydraulic unit ensures the material is fed into the cutting unit in the best possible way.

Easy Feeding
Thanks to our completely internal system, filling volumes are higher and feeding is much easier.

No rails, no wheels etc. means no maintenance work for our internal pusher.

No Jamming
Enjoy smooth operation as a result of our additional comb and sealing bars.

Heavy Duty Gearbox Drive

Custom-made performance – The Antares series offers motors ranging between 55 kW and 90 kW, transmitting the power directly using a robust gearbox.

Readily Available
Our easily replaceable standard components are readily available worldwide.

Superbly Efficient
The enormous power levels guarantee maximum output and minimum energy consumption.

Plug & Go Screen Unit

The swivel-mounted, hydraulically operated screen unit allows for easy and comfortable access for maintenance and refitting. The screens are available with various mesh widths and can easily be changed by hand by just one person – so you can quickly customise the shredder to the particle size you need.

Flexible Particle Sizes
Our quick-change screen units are available with various mesh widths.

Easy Screen Change
The screens can be safely changed without any lifting aid thanks to their swivel-mounted, hydraulically operated design.

Extremely Safe
The screen access point is electromagnetically locked, preventing access to the cutting system while the machine is in operation.

Variable Square Cutting System

The Antares’ individually configurable square cutting system ensures maximum output while taking up minimum floor space. The cutting system is designed with various applications in mind, ensuring efficient shredding of a wide range of materials. As usual, the cutting system is mounted on the quick-change mechanism that is typical of Lindner products to make maintenance quick and easy.

Optimised Output
Adjustable to your needs, this cutting unit guarantees the output material you require, customised to suit the next stage in the process.

Resistant To Foreign Objects
No foreign or abrasive objects in the input material can harm our Antares thanks to the targeted hardfacing of the rotor cutters and cutter holders.

Long Service Life
Fourfold-usable, quick-change cutters keep wear and tear costs down.

Optional Safety Clutch

The torque-limiting clutch protects against damage to the drive unit when blockages are caused by foreign objects. Furthermore, the highly precise sensors facilitate the controlled powering down of the machine to preserve all components.

Individually Adjustable
The safety clutch's threshold value can be adjusted individually, preventing the safety clutch from disengaging when heavier materials are being shredded.

Complete Drive Protection
The gearbox and motor are protected by the swift disengagement of the drive unit.

Power Down Securely
Our high-precision sensors power down the machine safely when the safety clutch is activated.

Skylight Maintenance Door

The skylight maintenance door perfectly complements the compact machine design. This innovative solution allows for maintenance as well as the clean and safe removal of foreign parts.

Remove Foreign Objects Quickly and Easily
The secured maintenance door allows you to remove foreign objects quickly.

100% Safe
The work area is protected by the mechanical safety lock and the pusher's special parking position.

  • Lindner intelligent modular design – flexibly adaptable
  • robust, reliable, durable
  • user- and maintenance friendly
  • energy-saving operations
  • intelligent control system
  • high yield from optimal output
  • low shredding cost per ton

  • all kind of plastics
  • paper and cardboard
  • rubber
  • computer scrap
  • cables, etc.

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