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- Model 1800 / 2200 / 2800 - Stationary One-Step Shredding



The Lindner Polaris is a highly specialised single-shaft shredder with enormous transmission power. Focused on the single-step production of fuels with medium calorific values (50–100 mm) from untreated municipal, industrial and commercial waste materials for co-incineration, this universal shredder has it all: sturdy design and low operating costs – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Lindner's original: tried and tested a thousand times over, our internal pusher allows for easy and secure machine feeding. Our years of experience and continuous development have left their mark on its distinctive design.

Constant Dosing

Our self-regulating hydraulic unit ensures the material is fed into the cutting unit in the best possible way. 

Easy Feeding

Thanks to our completely internal system, filling volumes are higher and feeding is much easier.


No rails, no wheels etc. means no maintenance work for our internal pusher.

No Jamming

Enjoy smooth operation as a result of our additional comb and sealing bars.


More efficiency with our smart technology: our countershaft drive stores and releases rotational energy depending on the load, meaning more power yet less energy consumption.

Extra Power for Tough Materials

The countershaft functions like a flywheel mass of approximately eleven metric tons and stores energy to meet peak load requirements. 

Readily Available

Our easily replaceable standard components are readily available worldwide.

Superbly Efficient

The enormous power levels guarantee maximum output and minimum energy consumption.


The swivel-mounted hydraulically operated screen unit allows for easy and comfortable access for maintenance and refitting. The screens are available with various mesh widths and can easily be changed by hand by just one person – so you can quickly customise the shredder to the particle size you need.

Flexible Particle Sizes

Our quick-change screen units are available with various mesh widths.

Easy Screen Change

The screens can be safely changed without any lifting aid thanks to their swivel-mounted, hydraulically operated design.

Extremely Safe

The screen access point is electroma-gnetically locked, preventing access to the cutting system while the machine is
in operation.


The shear cutting system specially developed for untreated municipal, commercial and industrial waste can handle even the most difficult materials. The secret to its productivity are the extremely hard steel alloys and the robust cutters and cutter holders designed to withstand even the hardest foreign objects.

High Output

High output rates guaranteed until the end of the cutters' service life with our specially designed cutting gap – which can even be adjusted during operation.

Optimised Wearing Parts Storage

Identical rotor cutters and counter knives as well as scrapers make storage easy.

Resistant to Foreign Objects

The welded cutter holders and particularly sturdy cutters ensure that foreign objects cannot damage the machine.

Long service life

Four-fold usable, quick-change cutters keep wear and tear costs down.


The torque-limiting clutch protects against damage to the drive unit when blockages are caused by foreign objects. Furthermore, the highly precise sensors facilitate the controlled powering down of the machine to preserve all components.

Individually adjustable

The safety clutch's threshold value can be adjusted individually, preventing the safety clutch from disengaging when heavier materials are being shredded.

Complete Drive Protection

The gearbox and motor are protected by the swift disengagement of the drive unit.

Power Down Securely

Our high-precision sensors power down the machine safely when the safety clutch is activated.


The hydraulically operated, inward-opening maintenance door allows you to quickly and safely access the cutting system for maintenance work or swiftly remove foreign objects with minimum material leaks.

Remove Foreign Objects Quickly and Easily

Position 1 allows you to access the cutting chamber in just the right way to remove foreign objects quickly, safely and cleanly. 

Comfortable Access

Position 2 allows you to access the rotor cutters and counter knives for maintenance work. It's as easy as using your workbench.

100% Safe

The work area is protected by the mechanical safety lock and the pusher's special parking position.

Atex – Explosion Protection

Legal directives in Europe, North America and Asia regulate the intended use of equipment in environments with explosive atmospheres, with zone classifications determining the minimum requirements for machines, components and inert materials. In accordance with the EU ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) directive for shredders, Lindner offers you products for use in zones 21 (shredders – indoors) and 22 (shredders – outdoors).


Water Sprinkling System

Our optional water sprinkling system to reduce air-borne dust at the filling area offers a central water pipe with four nozzles in the enclosed hopper with suction point which can be easily activated via the control panel or the remote control. The system is designed for year-round use (down to -25°C).


Fire Extinguishing System With Spark Detection

The fire extinguishing system detects sparks and overheated objects, protecting the system when easily flammable materials are being processed. The sensors monitor not only the shredder but also the discharge conveyor and where necessary trigger the extinguishing process. Thanks to the central water supply, the pressure tank is subsequently filled automatically and once again ready for use.

Feeding Unit for Bulky Goods and Bales

The pusher with extended path provides more space between the cutting system and the pusher, allowing for carefree feeding of larger-volume materials and optimising the processing of bulky goods or bales.

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