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- Model 40 LPM, 120 VAC - LPM Linear Piston Air Sampling Pump



The Buck LinEair 40 Sample Pump is a 5-35 LPM linear piston air sampling pump with long life motor providing impressive power, compact size, and ultra-quiet operation and low current drain for a wide range of sampling applications. With the LinEair 40 , you can use filters, PUF samplers, sorbent tubes, charcoal cartridges, cascade impactors, bioaerosol spore trap cassettes and many other collection devices. It’s suitable for bioaerosol sampling, indoor air studies, fenceline monitoring, background monitoring, total particulate studies, and may other applications. An optional DC Adapter allows field sampling from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or 12V DC receptacle.

The Buck LinEair 40 makes air sampling fast and easy. It comes complete with flowmeter, flow control valve, and easy front-mounted operating fittings. An optional  weather-resistant case helps protect the unit in the field during transport.

The LinEair 40 Is ideal for indoor or weather protected sampling applications that do not require intrinsic safety.

Easy to operate

  • Compact, Lightweight (6 lb.)
  • Ultra-Quiet operation (less than 70 dbA at 1 ft.)
  • Backpressures up to 132 inches of water
  • AC or DC operation (with optional DC Adapter)
  • Ideal for IAQ, Environmental, Area Sampling

  • Size: 8.25” H x 6” W x 8” D
  • Weight: 6 lb.
  • Operating Voltage: 115V AC
  • Flow range: 5-35 LPM
  • Max. Freeflow: 31 LPM @ 15” water
  • Operating Temp. Range: 35°F-100°F

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