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- Model 48 - Bulk Linen Truck



LinenMaster 48 Bulk Linen Truck is a new generation truck designed by laundry professionals to meet the ergonomic standards for today’s workforce. Lower overall truck profile, lower front cutout, and built-in pull cords make this a truck that is easy to work with and maneuver when fully loaded. Job ticket envelopes and exceptional finishing are standard for each truck and make it a pleasure to work with.Strength and long-term durability are accomplished through integrated semicircular braces, high-density linear polyethylene resin, abuse-resistant 270-degree radius corners, no-sag steel reinforced poly-base, and anti-bulging roll top edges that provide twice the strength of traditional trucks. These features ensure that your truck will continue to perform for years in the toughest of conditions.

Unique designs protect the truck’s attractive appearance for its lifetime. Flat side scratching and gouging are eliminated; critical truck numbering, custom lettering, and the original factory polishing remain in tact for the life of the truck.

The Dura-Cast steel reinforced plastic base is tough because of the molded-in steel reinforcing bars, yet it won’t rust. The rolled top edge provides critical strengthening that limits cart-top expansion and a smoother surface for personnel to work with. Ergonomic hand-holds are strategically placed to provide better control of the truck when fully loaded.


  • Spring Bottom – Minimizes operator back injuries because it raises truck contents as they are unloaded
  • Removable Front Enclosure – Ensure contents don’t spill during transport, yet allows access to contents once removed
  • Tow Plates – Hook up a tugger and transport carts without effort

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