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The blocking of kitchen drainlines in busy canteens, and the foul odours and floods that these blockages create can be eliminated by regular dosing of a stabilised enzyme based liquid biological product, MICROBAC SL, into the drains. This is best achieved using a Centralised Automatic Dosing Unit to inject the MICROBAC SL, from a product reservoir situated in a plant room, at an optimum time each day to allow the biological product to colonise the walls of the drains and partially degrade the fats, oils and greases (FOGs) that cause the problems. This partial degradation maintains the flow of the FOGs in the drainlines and prevents blockages, floods and smells.

The Microbac Centralised Automatic Dosing Unit includes a 500 litre MDPE reservoir with graduated scale, mounted on an angle iron support frame, supplying a 240 volt electronic dosing pump of rated capacity 1.5 litre/hour at 16 bar and a manifold system with electrically controlled solenoid valves to transfer the enzyme based biological product via small-bore pipe work to the injection points in the kitchen drainage pipe work. The small-bore pipe work is clipped to cable trays and contained in the kitchen’s false ceiling. Pipe work drops in the kitchen are in stainless steel or chrome exposed pipe. A 7-day multiple-point timing device for the solenoid valve controls the system. The electronic dosing pumps will automatically dose one litre of biological product (MICROBAC SL) daily into each of the drainage pipe work systems at pre-set times, usually between 0100 and 0400 hours when the water flow is minimal. The reservoir will require to be refilled at quarterly intervals and this can be carried out by MICROBAC Engineers as part of their service visits.

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