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 Microbac design and build Marine Bioreactors for use in all types of shipping and off-shore platforms to treat both black and grey waters and, in some cases, oily wastewaters and produced water. The Marine Bioreactors are based on Microbac’s submerged, aerated fixed-film Bioreactor plant with additional features to enable its efficient use in marine environments.

A small footprint and compact design enables the Marine Bioreactors to be fitted into available space and also makes them suitable for retrofitting on ships and offshore rigs. The high efficiency of the treatment units produce excellent quality discharges under all normal conditions and they tolerate shock loadings and recover quickly.

The Bioreactors are constructed in coated steel or stainless steel and are available for Eex applications if required.

Microbac Marine Bioreactors are IMO and US Coastguard approved and they produce discharges well inside current limits to ensure compliance with future IMO requirements.

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