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Liquid Biodegradable


Our liquid biodegradable additive is specifically designed for applications which demand clarity and a liquid form. Our additive has 13% solid contents with 100% active ingredients.

Liquid Biodegradable Additive Design

We have designed the viscosity to run in almost all applications without the need to heat the product, perfect for polyurethanes. The clear, robust engineering of the product allows for high heat thermostability, while maintaining performance of the final plastic product.

Liquid Biodegradable Additive Samples
BioSphere liquid biodegradable additive comes in 1 liter sample bottles, 5 gallon bladders, 55 gallon drums and larger options are available.

Liquid Biodegradable Additive Locations
The liquid additive is warehoused in Portland, Oregon at our warehouse facility and can be manufactured in either the United States or Europe. BioSphere’s liquid additive follows REACH guidelines and is REACH compliant.

Much like the pelletized version and powder version of the biodegradable plastic additive, BioSphere’s unique formulation allows the microorganisms to consume the polymer chain by the addition of the additive at 1% by load weight. The microorganisms initiate hydrolysis which is the first phase of biodegradation in the environment. How this is possible is by adding in the BioSphere additive you allow multiple metabolic pathways for the microorganisms. Metabolic pathways are the pathways which microorganisms have the ability to break down the polymer and utilize the carbon content for energy and survival.

Although plastic can biodegrade over a very long period of time by microorganisms, the polymer chain is so tightly packed together that the microorganisms find other food sources within the area which are easier to consume. With the BioSphere additive the microorganisms will not pass by the nutritious meal that is found within the polymer chain and they will begin to colonize creating a thriving colony on the plastic products.

After the colony begins to consume the plastic, the products will turn into Ch4, Co2, biomass and water.

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