- Groundwater Treatment and Control System



CETCO Organoclay and sodium bentonite products have been used in a wide variety of groundwater treatment and control applications throughout the world. Our global technical support, sales, manufacturing and logistics allow us to serve projects in any location.

Variable Permeable Reactive Barrier

CETCO Organoclay products are used for control of non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL). In a variable PRB, the Organoclay sorbs the NAPL and creates a low permeable zone that retards the NAPL layer. Zones above DNAPL layers and below LNAPL layers remain permeable to groundwater flow, thus preventing groundwater mounding. CETCO Organoclay can also adsorb low-soluble dissolved organics in the groundwater.

Pump and Treat Systems

Granular activated carbon (GAC) has been proven to be effective at adsorbing dissolved organics from contaminated groundwater. However, GAC can be fouled by NAPL. CETCO offers Organoclay filtration media. An Organoclay vessel can be placed in series prior to the GAC vessel to strip the NAPL before it reaches the GAC. This can result in cost-saving prolonged life for the GAC.

Slurry Walls

Slurry walls can be effective groundwater and source control remedies for a site. CETCO sodium bentonite products from CETCO Drilling Products unit are used for construction of both soil-bentonite and cement-bentonite slurry walls. The sodium bentonite lowers the hydraulic conductivity of the slurry wall

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