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- Model CDC90 - Cleaning and Calibration System



Fully automatic system for pH and ORP measuring points in all industries. The Liquiline Control CDC90 plug & play system automates Memosens pH and ORP measuring points in all industries. It cleans, validates, calibrates and adjusts up to two sensors automatically, reducing maintenance effort, improving working safety in harmful areas and helping to ensure the yield and quality of your product. It can easily be integrated into existing plant infrastructures and allows convenient remote control of your measuring points via any process control system or mobile device.

  • Optimized cleaning and calibration cycles ensure reliable and reproducible measured values that help you to improve product yield, product quality and raw material consumption.

  • Pro-active cleaning and calibration in case of sensor blocking and fouling ensures reliable values to keep your product safe.

  • Increased safety for your service personnel as it minimizes maintenance actions in difficult-to-access areas and harsh or harmful environments.

  • Seamless system integration into your process control system thanks to certified communication standards such as 0/4…20mA, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and OPC UA including web server technology.

  • Pre-defined cleaning and calibration programs allow a quick start and commissioning of Liquiline Control CDC90 and keep your investment effort low.

Liquiline Control CDC90 automates pH and ORP measuring points in all industries. It is suitable for each application where:

  • The sensors must be cleaned and/or calibrated frequently.

  • The measuring point is difficult to access.

  • The measuring point is in a harmful environment.

  • The process requires reproducible precise pH measurement.

  • The process requires measurement at frequent intervals.

  • The performance of the measuring point must be controlled and documented frequently.

  • Measuring Principle: Glass electrode
  • Application: Waste water, process, pharmaceuticals, Food, paper
  • Installation: Complete automated cleaning and validation system including a selectable retractable holder
  • Characteristic: full automatic cleaning, monitoring and validation system for Memosens sensor
  • Design: compact cleaning system to connect on a retractable holder including transmitter CM442
  • Ex certification: ATEX, FM, CSA
  • Connection: DCS/PLS connection on Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, Profinet, ProfibusDP, OPC UA and current in/ output
  • Additional Certifications: CE, CSA general purpose

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