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- Model FTW23 - Capacitance Point Level Detection



Cost effective point level switch for water-based liquids. The Liquipoint FTW23 is developed and built for the food industry and meets all international hygiene requirements. The device also fits perfectly for industrial applications in all industries. It is intended for use in applications in liquid media without build-up. The IO-Link capability allows easy parameter setting.

- Cost effective
- Function check with test magnet
- No calibration or adjustment required
- Plug & play without any specific tools
- IO-Link connectivity

  • Easy installation thanks to compact design, even in tight conditions or where access is restricted

  • IO-Link reduces costs and complexity due to easy configuration of the devices via engineering tools

  • CIP and SIP cleanability ensured - up to protection class IP 69

  • Individual adjustment to each medium not necessary

  • LED display for on-site function check

For use in storage tanks, mixing vessels and pipes. For water-based liquids; Ex works for media with dielectric constant > 20, with adjustment via IO-Link for media with dielectric constant > 1.5 discernible.

  • Process connections: Threads

  • Temperature: -20 to +100°C (-4 to +212°F), CIP/SIP to 135°C (275°F) for 1 hour

  • Pressure: -1 to 16bar abs (-14.5 to 232psi)

  • Hygienic certificates

  • Measuring Principle: Conductive
  • Characteristic / Application: Compact point level switch for using in water based liquids
  • Specialities: CIP and SIP suitable
  • Supply / Communication: 10…30 V DC
  • Ambient temperature:
    • -20...70°C
    • -4... 158°F
  • Process temperature:
  • Standard:-20 ... 100°C
  • Cleaning:
    • -20 ... 135°C for 1h
    • -4 ... 275F for 1h
  • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit: Vacuum ... 16 bar
  • Vacuum ....232 psi
  • Main wetted parts:
  • Sensor: 316L
  • Sensor isolation: PEEK
  • Process connection: Thread G1, G1/2, G3/4, M24
  • Communication:
    • DC PNP
    • IO- Link
  • Certificates / Approvals: CSA C/US
  • Design approvals: EN 10204-3.1
  • Hygienic approvals: 3A, EHEDG
  • Options: Weld-in adapter, Process adapter for hygienic process connections
  • Application limits: Conductive foam is recognizes as a liquid

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