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OZONATOR - Model NG-3000 - Medical and Bio-Hazard Waste Treatment Technology

by OZONATOR Industries Limited     based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The OZONATOR is the complete solution to your bio-hazardous waste needs. With zero emissions, ease of operation, quick cycle time and low operating costs the OZONATOR is not only a better solution but also a more cost-effective solution. The functional part of this system is a combined process that loads un-segregated, bio-hazardous waste directly ...

Horizontal Soil Heating

by Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.     based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

Introducing the GEE Hellfire, a horizontal electrical soil heating system that's the latest enhancement technology out of the GEE think-tank. Hellfire is designed to treat soluble metals and hydrocarbons at the same time, fast, effectively and with minimal above ground infrastructure. It does so by applying electrokinetics followed by electrical ...

Airstone Diffusers System

by Koenders Windmills Inc.     based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The Airstone Diffuser is ideally suited to work in conjunction with our Windmills. Use to diffuse the air at the bottom of the water source. Aeration is most effective when air bubbles are very small. Small bubbles increase diffusion of oxygen from the air into the water. Can increase oxygen absorption (your aeration process) efficiency by 300%. ...

Enviro - Model 600 Series - RPD Circulator

by Dagaz Environmental Inc.     based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The Enviro 600 Series is our most efficient wind powered circulator with a specially designed head and tail system for optimum power performance even under low wind conditions. The circulator floats on the surface of water or wastewater and utilizes 6 radially oriented floats for optimum stability and superior flow velocity. The flotation system ...

Agtron - Model ART100 - Advanced Blockage Monitor

by Agtron Enterprises Inc.     based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

Our entry level Air Drill Blockage Monitor requires minimal setup, and uses the same great Stainless Steel sensors. Audio and visual blockage alerts are provided. Flow information helps find meter or air system faults. Heavy duty weather proof harness is used throughout.

Model C2 Contour Series - Air Drills

by Morris Industries Ltd.     based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The C2 Contour offers unmatched residue clearance and makes opener adjustments easier. The independent opener features parallel linkage for ultra-precise seed and fertilizer placement. Adjustable packing pressure lets you pull through damp spots. Available in narrow transport models of 25 feet and 31 feet up to large five-frame 90 feet models.

Scantron Robotics - Model SR24 - Robotic Machine

by ScanTron Robotics Ltd.     based in Craven, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The 6 inch Pipe Crawler is a long range (1,500ft / 450m) internal pipe inspection system capable of operation within a variety of pipe sizes. The in-line chassis system is designed for operation in pipe with a minimum internal diameter of 6in /150mm up to12in/300mm. The onboard camera provides a high quality video image with pan, tilt and zoom ...

Model SDX117 - Snow Blowers

by Schulte Industries Ltd.     based in Englefeld, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

Schulte’s SDX-117 incorporates a 38” Five paddle open center cupped style fan which improves performance and is larger than most competitive designs on the market.On the SDX-117, a 1000 RPM gear driven drive system is standard.A size 8 Bondioli power shaft is included with shear pin protection to power the blower.A Bondioli Italian ...

Trailtech MultiDeck - Model MD270 - Trailer

by Trailtech Inc.     based in Gravelbourg, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The Trailtech MD270 MultiDeck trailer is pure innovation in design with the end user in mind. With the trailers ability to transform from a lowboy trailer to a highboy deck above trailer, never again will you have the wrong trailer for the job. In addition to this MultiDeck innovation, the trailer has a tilting deck function which allows the end ...

Land Pride - Model RCR12 Series - Rotary Cutter

by K.M.K. Sales Ltd.     based in Humboldt, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The RCR12 Series is an economically-priced Rotary Cutter, capable of cutting 1' diameter material and is ideal for daily use in small lots and hobby farm grass maintenance.. These cutters offer fast, clean, dependable mowing and have been extensively tested to ensure operating safety. High blade tip speeds assure a clean cut in a variety of field ...

Huge L Steel - Cross Over Ladders

by Huge L Steel Inc.     based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

Cross-over stairs with integrated 3-foot platform provide enhanced comfort and ease of access over secondary containment enclosures.  The two-piece design ensures easy shipping and quick assembly.

TeleStacker - Conveyor for Aggregate Duty

by General Equipment & Supplies, Inc.     based in Emerald Park, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The most effective solution for controlling stockpile segregation. With more than 1,000 units built to date, it's the best selling telescopic conveyor in the world. A combination of telescopic technology plus our automation package achieves 30% larger stockpiles. The configuration of our patented FB Undercarriage ensures a safe, structurally sound ...


by G.P. Fiberglass Ltd.     based in Melfort, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

Features -  Stackable. Lightweight. Easy to install. Never needs painting. Adaptable. Well designed. Economical.

Fusion - Model 3 Series - Free Standing Systems

by RoboVent     Office in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

From the very beginning, we have been passionate about redefining clean air technology.  Over the years RoboVent has introduced a number of important breakthroughs in air cleaning technology, yet we recognized that this technology could be taken to the next level to create a dust collector that has very low operating costs, is incredibly ...

Airstone Diffuser and Foot Valve

by Superior Windmill Inc.     based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The Airstone Diffuser is ideally suited to work in conjunction with our Windmill to diffuse the air at the bottom of the water source. Aeration is most effective when air bubbles are very small. Small bubbles increase diffusion of oxygen from the air into the water. The Foot Valve is used in conjunction with Koenders Airstone Diffuser to prevent ...

Quad Wagon Logger Trailer

by Doepker Industries Limited     based in Annaheim, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

Renowned in the logging industry, Doepker loggers will put more money in your pocket than any other logger trailer on market for several reasons:  tare weight, strength and design, reliability and resale value.  A simple yet sophisticated design allows maximum payload and road life ensuring our trailers are ready to work before you ...

AGL - Model MR360RA - Laser Receiver

by Cansel     Office in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The receiver offers accurate grade information with in cab display. The MR360RA offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications. Large 360° detection windows pick up any rotating laser, from any angle. Built-in vertical indicator monitors angle of the stick, signaling if it's plumb or under- or overextended. ...

Model AGL 2D - Basic Indicate System

by Cansel     Office in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

AGL 2D Basic Indicate System is ideal for grader, dozer and skid steers. The EZ-Grade 360 is a versatile, construction-tough laser receiver that can be mounted on dozers, motor graders, motorized scrapers, skid-steer loaders, backhoes and excavators. The built-in super bright display and battery pack make the EZ-Grade 360 ideally suited for visual ...

FOCUS - Model DL-15 - Digital Level System

by Cansel     Office in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

Affordable digital level delivering simplicity, ease-of-use and versatile onboard software The Spectra Precision FOCUS DL-15 digital level is a new, very affordable, digital level delivering simplicity, ease of-use and versatile onboard software to provide consistent precision, performance and productivity. It provides consistent height ...

Adjustable Sieves

by Harvest Services Ltd.     based in Craik, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

After years of development and extensive testing, in 1996 Harvest began marketing Harvest Plastic Adjustable Top and Bottom sieves. Improved combine performance and increased life is what the adjustable plastic louvered top and bottom sieves are all about. They are designed to outlast and out perform the original top chaffer and bottom sieve ...

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