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Metrohm - Model 930 Compact IC Flex - Ion Chromatograph

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Nairobi, KENYA

The 930 Compact IC Flex is a versatile ion chromatograph developed with a focus on the requirements of routine users. It is robust and very easy to use. Hence, contract laboratories and quality control laboratories from all sectors with clearly defined analytical requirements will find the 930 Compact IC Flex their solution of choice.

Genap - Storage Reservoirs

by Genap B.V.     Office in Naorobi, KENYA

The storage of waste water is often undertaken in reservoirs, silos or concrete tanks. The type of geomembrane that can be used depends on the type of contamination in the water. The storage method can also require a special type of geomembrane or mean that extra protection is necessary.

EcoSolar - Inverter Power Units

by EcoSolar Options Ltd     based in Nairobi, KENYA

Inverters are connected to the battery and convert the battery voltage (12volts DC) to normal mains electricity (240 volts AC) in order to run appliances that require these voltages e.g televisions, lights, radios, fridges etc. that are designed to run off conventional electricity.

Turnkey Solutions System

by Celtic Cooling     Office in Nairobi, KENYA

An important part of our service package consists of implementing turnkey projects, which unites all our specialities. Entrepreneurs abroad in particular have a growing need for a partner with all the disciplines required to construct either a new building from scratch, or for smaller projects, a complete cold room.

Continuous Flow Dryers

by A/S Cimbria     Office in Karen, KENYA

level in a rational and profitable way . The Cimbria continuous flow dryer program includes three primary models: Single-, Twin-, and Triple-column Dryers, uniform in construction but varying in width. Each model will be variable in size (height) from 14 to 38 sections with intermediate 4-sections-step.

MICRON - Cartridge Filters

by Shivsu Canadian Clear     Office in Kisumu, KENYA

The Micron filter of 1.0, 0.45, & 0.2 are housed in a specially manufactured SS 316 housing. The code of the cartrid ges used is code 4-PP, PVDF, Pleated, Membrane cartridge. Specially Electro polished SS 316 housing with Derry Bends and SMS easily unlock fitting are used. The micron cartridge used are PP, PVDF, Pleated Membrane, cartridges. ...

Genap - Bottom and Cover Geomembranes for Landfill Sites

by Genap B.V.     Office in Naorobi, KENYA

A bottom and cover geomembrane for landfill sites always involves a geomembrane that isolates the contamination in order to protect the environment or to specifically protect against potential future contamination. The seals have to be made under an installation certificate by a certified company. Genap has held this stringent KIWA certification ...

EcoSolar - Diesel Generators

by EcoSolar Options Ltd     based in Nairobi, KENYA

Power blackouts can not only be inconvenient, but costly and dangerous. Thats why at Eco Solar solutions,, we have diesel generators that will make operations swiftly return to normal with the right backup Diesel Generator. Diesel generators are an important feature in Hospitals, Hotels, Homes, Institutions, offices, industries and in business ...

EcoSolar - Solar Street Lighting

by EcoSolar Options Ltd     based in Nairobi, KENYA

Solar street lights are high quality lighting systems that are suitable for residential streets, security lighting, rural area lighting, parking lots lighting and outdoor ligting. The system has a microprocessor that automatically activates from sunset to sunrise. The in-built timer regulates the hours the light stays on.And whats more,it also ...

Iron Removal Filter

by Shivsu Canadian Clear     Office in Kisumu, KENYA

Bore well water passes through the IRF filter from the Raw Water Storage Tank. The IRF Filter removes Iron. Structural Design: Manufactured with FRP/SS outer casing to provide structure, strength and longevity of 20-30 years. Internally lined with acid resistance fiber re-enforced plastic (FRP) / Epoxy. All valves used in the system of ...

NanoPV - Thin-Film Solar Farms

by NanoPV Solar Inc.     Office in Nairobi, KENYA

NanoPV Technology and Manufacturing lines have resulted in various solar farms at different locations. These solar farms have proven the superior perfomance and solid reliability of the solar panels produced with NanoPV technologies, USA. These panels are grid connected and are generating substantial revenues with higher IRR in the industry to the ...

AquaSimplex-Pionier - Model 1-50 PE - Sequential Batch Reactor

by WASP Systems     based in Nairobi, KENYA

The AquaSimplex – Pionier is a manually adjustable SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) System from Kordes. It is the ideal solution for the single family house or a smaller housing estate. It treats wastewater from 1 up to 50 people, allowing the water to be reused for irrigation and other purposes.

Solar farms

by Solarcentury Ltd     Office in Nairobi, KENYA

Solarcentury is a leading solar parks developer and the UK’s most experienced contractor of ground-mounted PV installations. What does a solar park mean for you the landowner? A solar park delivers high yields, often higher than farming the land. From your side, it couldn’t be morestraight forward - you simply lease the land for 25 ...


by Agro Irrigation & Pump Services Limited     based in Nairobi, KENYA

Agro Irrigation is one of Kenya's leading pump suppliers. No matter for which purpose an efficient and energy saving pump solution is required; agro Irrigation offers a high-quality solution. We have partnered with leading pump suppliers raining from Centrifugal pumps for industry, water supply, waste water and dosing, Circulator pumps for heating ...

Borehole Pumps

by Aquawetts Enterprises     based in Nairobi, KENYA

Since a submersible pump is a high capacity pump it follows that the Borehole in which it is installed should have sufficient capacity so that it will not be pumped dry. The bore should be screened, straight and of sufficient capacity. Before installation the borehole should be pumped clean of sand or other foreign matter with a test pump.

EcoSolar - Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

by EcoSolar Options Ltd     based in Nairobi, KENYA

Solar batteries store power generated from the sun and discharge the power as needed (through an inverter).These batteries supply the home with energy once thesun has gone down or in the case of  grid-tied systems they can be a source of backup power. We have a wide range of batteries from worlds major brands which offer normal standby and ...

Solar Lantern

by Powerpoint Systems     based in Nairobi, KENYA

PowerPoint Solar lanterns and home plug and play systems provide homes with a sustainable source of light, minimize the risk of fire hazards, and eliminate inhalation of smoke and other toxic fumes from fires and kerosene lanterns. The kits also act as a charging station for electronic products, including cell phones and radios; thereby further ...


by Shivsu Canadian Clear     Office in Kisumu, KENYA

Shivsu Canadian Clear can design, manufacture and supply clarifiers as per customer requirement. Clarifier is a unit, which is provided to reduce the escape of suspended solids and bio-mass with the sewage. It consist of circular/rectangular tank with a clarifier arm to scrape down the settled sludge through the sloped hopper to the sludge pit ...

Defracking System

by Shivsu Canadian Clear     Office in Kisumu, KENYA

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Corporate Body focused on various treatment processes for the treatment and reuse of water for different applications. We have implemented advanced technologies across various geographies to address the Global Concern for tackling problems of water shortage, recognizing that water is a precious ...

Vaultex,JSP,tAIWAN, CHINESE - Helmets

by Work Wear East Africa     based in nairobi, KENYA

Head Protection; We stock various brands of Helmets

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