Environmental industry Equipment in Nepal

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    Codel - Model GCEM40 - Single or Multi-Channel In-situ Flue Gas Analyser

    The GCEM40 series is the latest generation of CODEL’s world renowned in-situ monitors. Our development, knowledge and practical experience have been utilised to produce this advanced technology gas analyser which gives complete flexibility of use on process or emissions applications whilst delivering superb accuracy and repeatability at a ...

    By Codel International Ltd Distributor in Kathmandu, NEPAL. from Single or Multi-Channel In-situ Flue Gas Analyser Product line

  • Remote Displays

    Remote displays are a very effective medium for advertising or for promotional purpose. Sectors ranging from business, governmental, non-governmental make the most of such displays by conveying information through them. The 21st century has seen an exponential growth on the use of such displays. Hoarding boards, sign posts, message boards are seen ...

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • Data Logger

    WSCADA Data loggers are highly customizable according to the customer preferences. These devices store the sensor readings and keep them as a log. The means retrieving these data and representing them is the key to an affective data logger.

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • Vehicle Tracking System

    A vehicle tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with purpose-designed computer software to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location, collecting real time data in the process.

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • Black Masterbatch for Flexible Packaging

    From the deepest, darkest blacks, to charcoal and everything else in between, our innovative formulations consistently produce the right shade for your product. Ingenia’s high-performance black Masterbatches are used as raw materials in a variety of applications and markets. Our black Masterbatches can consistently meet your most demanding ...

  • Discharge Measurement

    Discharge Measurement is very essential in every phase of installation of hydro power generating unit, right from its survey phase to its operation. It is the factor that determines the potential of any hydro power plant, thus providing crucial information on the future scope of the project. Even during the construction phase of the hydro power ...

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • White Masterbatch for Flexible Packaging

    Our white Masterbatches are formulated with high-end pigments that ensure optimum opacity and the right shade of white for your specific needs. Our white Masterbatch products are used extensively throughout the thermoplastics industry and can be engineered to incorporate a wide range of additives such as processing aids, ultraviolet stabilizers, ...

  • Rotolite - Single Shot PE Foam System

    Powdered skin and foamable pellet all in one shot. Ingenia’s Rotolite  single shot PE foam system consists of a powdered skin material (available in natural, black, white and custom colors) and a foamable pellet for the core. Both are dropped in the mold simultaneously. In the oven, the skin material coats the mold wall, while the foam ...

    By Ingenia Polymers Corp. Office in NEPAL. from Single Shot PE Foam System Product line

  • Automatic Weather Station

    Remote weather stations will allow data collection and retrieval from weather stations that are distributed throughout a particular region or an area. Remote weather stations can be thought of more as a centralized data acquisition system for accumulation of distributed weather parameters. The weather parameters may include measurements taken on ...

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • Remote Terminal Unit

    An RTU or Remote Terminal Unit is a microprocessor controlled electronic device which interfaces objects in the physical world to a distributed control system or SCADA system by transmitting telemetry data to the system and/or altering the state of connected objects based on control messages received from the system.

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • Event Logger

    Very much similar to the Data logger in theoretical concepts, event logger differ in regard by keeping logs of individual discrete events rather than the entire data over a span of certain period. These electronic devices are capable of storing events over a period of time, so they are rightfully termed as the 'Event Logger'.

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • Rototuf - Precolored Resins Allow for Accurate Color Matching

    Our Rototuf brand of precolored resins allow for accurate color matching combined with consistent color production. The end result — less color rejections and lower scrap rates.

  • Additive Masterbatch for Flexible Packaging

    To complement our white, black and color Masterbatch products, we offer a broad range of leading edge additive formulations that enhance the properties or processability of plastic resins and compounds. From slip, antiblock, antioxidants, antistat and antifog, to processing aids, ultraviolet stabilizers, flame retardants and many more, our ...

  • Superlink - Model 110 - Rotomolding Crosslinkable Resins

    Superlink 110 rotomolding crosslinkable resins were developed by Ingenia for the manufacture of parts to offer a unique combination of high stiffness, low temperature impact properties and superior ESCR performance. Superlink 110 is UV stabilized for outdoor service and is available in natural, black and standard colors.

    By Ingenia Polymers Corp. Office in NEPAL. from Rotomolding Crosslinkable Resins Product line

  • Data Logger to Web Gateway

    One of the important aspects of data management is the need to safely store all the real time information and data from various sources that are taken into consideration as input parameters into a reliable data storage center. These data could later prove to be of immense importance or simply be required for future references.

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • Data Logger and Controller

    Data retrieval from the most remote places has always been an issue of great concern. Putting forth human lives for such cause was a risk that desperately needed addressing. With the successful implementation of WSCADA systems, data retrieval process can now be automated and made very efficient with little or no involvement of human lives.

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • NHE - Poles & Towers

    We have experience and ability to make a large selection of products in the category of poles and towers. Our experience of towers ranges from our own design of lattice towers for local electricity distribution to high load bearing towers and poles which we made for Nepal's only passenger cable car, at Manakamana.

    By Nepal Hydro & Electric Limited based in Butwal, NEPAL.

  • Early Warning System

    The Early Warning Dissemination System is a fully automatic embedded system. With the sudden increase in the water level in rivers, this system generates alarm informing the villagers about the danger so that in case of any flood they can excavate the area before any damage to lives and properties. Features: Real time data reporting Displays alpha ...

    By Real Time Solutions Pvt Ltd based in Lalitpur, NEPAL.

  • Premium

    Codel - Model DCEM2100 - Dual Pass Opacity / Dust Monitor

    The DCEM2100 provides a continuous measurement of opacity or dust concentration in flue gases by continuously measuring the transmissivity of visible light across a process duct or stack. Its dual-pass optical arrangement is based on twin transmissometers measuring in opposing directions through the same section of the gas stream, providing not ...

    By Codel International Ltd Distributor in Kathmandu, NEPAL. from Dual Pass Opacity / Dust Monitor Product line

  • Premium

    Codel - Model VCEM5100 - Flue Gas Flow Monitor

    The VCEM 5000/51000 represents the latest generation of CODEL’s uni ue flow monitors. These systems measure the velocity of stack gases using a highly accurate time of flight measurement that is derived from a cross correlation analysis of the infra-red emissions of the turbulent gas. Two robust infrared detectors are used for the prime ...

    By Codel International Ltd Distributor in Kathmandu, NEPAL. from Flue Gas Flow Monitor Product line

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