pollution control equipment in New York

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    Grande - Model TRU-BEND - Overflow Bending Weir System

    The TRU-BEND Overflow Bending Weir System is designed to maintain maximum water levels upstream of the weir thus allowing full usage of all the available upstream storage volume while not adversely affecting the overflow weir capacity in Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) applications. The TRU-BEND’s unique and extensively tested design operates ...

    By Grande Water Management Systems Distributor in NEW YORK (USA). from Overflow Bending Weir System Product line

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    ACME - Model VOC-2 - Volatile Organic Compounds Detector

    The VOC-2 detector is designed for enclosed spaces where chemical reagents or known VOC pollutants could leak into the air and pose a danger to personnel. This detector can cover up to 10,000 sq. ft. of clear, open space. It is designed to operate two-speed fans using two dry contacts that close at the appropriate low and high concentration levels ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. Office in Mooers, NEW YORK (USA). from Volatile Organic Compounds Detector Product line

  • Oxidizers

    Oxidizers are applied to air streams to control volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They incinerate contaminants such as hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), process odors, and nitrogen oxides, leaving a stream of hot air, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Cadex has partnered with Anguil Environmental Systems to offer your facilities four different types ...

    By Cadex based in Kenmore, NEW YORK (USA).

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    Anguil - Off-Gas Treatment Systems

    The remediation division of Anguil Environmental Systems (formerly known as Global Technologies) is focused on treating emissions and water contaminants extracted from below the earths' surface.  Formed shortly after the 1990 Clean Air Act targeted emissions associated with the extraction of polluted compounds from contaminated ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. Distributor in Kenmore, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Substrates

    With their high geometric surface area and low-pressure drop, Corning ceramic substrates are one of the most widely specified ceramic substrates for stationary applications in North America.Corning cellular ceramic supports arc used in stationary catalytic systems to help curb air pollution from power plants, refineries, chemical processing plants ...

    By Corning Environmental Technologies based in Corning, NEW YORK (USA). from Substrates Product line

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    Tomra - Model COM XRT - Mining Sorting Machine

    The COM XRT is designed to handle high-tonnage feeds. It recognizes and separates material based on their specific atomic density. This technology makes it possible to obtain a high level of purity in sorting materials irrespective of size, or the degree of moisture or surface pollution present.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. Distributor in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Mining Sorting Machine Product line

  • Purepal - Model AG800 - Air Purifier

    Our most popular and affordable system for allergy and asthma suffers, the PurePal air purifier (AG800) features 50 sq ft of HEPAfast media and 3 lbs of premium carbon. The PurePal's proven ability to effectively remove a large variety of particulate and molecular air pollutants makes it our most popular general-purpose air purifier. In an ...

    By Airgle Corporation based in Ronkonkoma, NEW YORK (USA). from Air Purifier Product line

  • Model Wetrex Series - Wet Dust Collector

    Airex is working on creating the next generation of wet dust collector. Our experienced team of engineers have created a unit that is unsurpassed in quality and offers the highest efficiency rates in the industry. The unique core and polypropylene impinger puts us way ahead of our competitors for maintenance and ease of operation. Because our ...

    By Airex Industries Inc Office in Rochester, NEW YORK (USA). from Wet Dust Collector Product line

  • Modular and Transportable System

    The Systems are “environmentally-friendly” and will comply with all current and currently proposed air permit requirements. They are computer controlled, fully automated and do not require any on-site operating or safely personnel (just low-cost labor to prepare the fuel). They have an extremely low “total cost of ...

    By Agripower Incorporated based in Great Neck, NEW YORK (USA).

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    Opsis - Model SM200 - PM2.5 Particulate Monitor System

    The PM2.5 monitor version of OPSIS’ SM200 particulate monitor offers accurate and reliable automatic measurements of PM2.5 particulate fraction concentrations in ambient air, and sampling of the PM2.5 particulate fraction for later manual analysis.

    By Opsis AB Distributor in Schenectady, NEW YORK (USA). from PM2.5 Particulate Monitor System Product line

  • Niagara No-Frost - Evaporator System

    Niagara developed and patented the first 'No-Frost' evaporator system to solve a specific refrigeration problem. Since that first patent, Niagara has addressed refrigeration problems with custom equipment for industrial air handling applications, low temperatures applications, and liquid desiccant dehumidification control. Today Niagara handles ...

    By Niagara Blower Company based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA).

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    WasteWater Treatment Solutions

    Anguil Aqua is a true single source provider of fully integrated, turn-key water treatment systems for the Industrial and Remediation Markets. Making the investment in people, processes and resources, Anguil maintains in-house control of mission-critical aspects impacting the delivery of high quality water treatment systems.  Our approach is ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. Distributor in Kenmore, NEW YORK (USA).

  • VELP ROTAX - Model 6.8 - Overhead Mixer

    Overhead mixer that offers excellent performance for all the applications where rotating, shaking and mixing are required.

    By VELP Scientifica srl Office in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA). from Overhead Mixer Product line

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    Fluence NIROBOX™ - Model WW - Containerized Wastewater Treatment Using Membrane Bioreactors

    NIROBOX WW is a modular, flexible, and highly efficient wastewater treatment plant that uses membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology. It delivers treated effluent that meets the highest regulatory standards, allowing direct discharge, as well as water reuse in irrigation, industry, and more.

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Containerized Wastewater Treatment Using Membrane Bioreactors Product line

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    EWT Excell - Surface Aerator

    The Excell aerator with the high efficiency surface impeller and the floor-scouring lower turbine efficiently provides aeration at full speed and at 80-90% turndown (drawing 10-20% nameplate power), while still maintaining sufficient mixing in the basin. The Excell®aerator offers the best energy savings, mixing efficiency and dissolved oxygen ...

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) Distributor in Brooklyn, NEW YORK (USA). from Surface Aerator Product line

  • Impregnated Activated Carbon

    Carbon Activated makes a variety of coconut shell-based, impregnated activated carbon, in standard and custom sizes, for applications where non-treated carbon may not be effective. Surface impregnation chemically modifies activated carbon through a fine distribution of chemicals and metal particles on the internal surfaces of its pores. This ...

    By Carbon Activated Corporation Office in Blasdell, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Purepal Plus - Model AG850 - Air Purifier

    The Airgle PurePal Plus (AG850) offers enhanced technology for particle, chemical, odor, and microbe filtration, powered by 50 sq ft of HEPAfast media and 3 lbs of premium carbon.  Our patent pending Titanium Pro system, the next generation of Photocatalytic oxidation technology, kills bacteria and viruses and safely breaks down harmful ...

    By Airgle Corporation based in Ronkonkoma, NEW YORK (USA). from Air Purifier Product line

  • Gabriel - Hydro Guard

    Modern canal networks should be operable without expensive storm-water tanks. The relation between price and performance is being taken into consideration more and more. In individual cases a business management analysis is called for. The systems currently available which promise operation without storm-water tanks offer overall solutions in ...

    By Gabriel Novac & Associates Inc. based in Champlain, NEW YORK (USA). from Hydro Guard Product line

  • Model PDC Series - Portable Dust Collector

    The portable dust collector are suitable for most types of dust and air contaminants ranging from large amounts of coarse dust and chips to medium amounts of mixed dust with large shavings or even lighter amounts of fine dust. These units feature a top mounted arm capable of doing a 360-degree rotation for collecting particles, provide an ...

    By Airex Industries Inc Office in Rochester, NEW YORK (USA). from Portable Dust Collector Product line

  • Hydrobend - Model GNA CSO - Bending Weir

    The GNA CSO HYDROBEND bending weir is designed to have the same flow capacity as a standard overflow weir operating under the same maximum design head and weir length, but is designed so that overflow will only occur when the maximum design water level is reached.

    By Gabriel Novac & Associates Inc. based in Champlain, NEW YORK (USA). from Bending Weir Product line

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