Logotronic GmbH

- Gealog Power Management Unit


Logotronic offers for both mains power and solar power systems special units for the power management of hydrological and meteorological measuring stations. There is also a version with inputs both from mains and solar for parallel charging from both sources.

  • Charging of lead batteries from mains power supply 230V/50Hz, from solar panel of from both in parallel. The charging is temperature compensated by an external temperature sensor. The external temperature sensor can be used as measuring channel for monitoring of the battery temperature.
  • Monitoring of battery temperature, battery voltage and input voltage from mains or solar
  • The variant for solar panels offers the possibility to connect two solar panels in parallel. Both solar panels are connected to two electrically de-coupled inputs. So if one solar panel goes defect or is in shadow the other panel can still charge the battery.
  • Detailed display of the status of the unit by LED's.

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