Longo EuroService S.r.l.

Longo EuroService S.r.l.

- 4-Axle Hazmat Combined Sewage Cleaning Trucks



LONGO manufactures equipment made according to international law ADR, for the transportation of hazardous waste. ADR vehicle with ecological lobe Vacuum Pump or liquid ring of last generation.

  • Equipment SUPER-combined with stainless steel tank “Fiorettato” AISI 316L, tilting, with reverse bottom or convex opened hydraulically
  • High load capacity of the tank.
  • Clean water in side containers made of stainless steel AISI 316L fiorettato.
  • Ecological Vacuum Pump or vane, various capacity.
  • Water Pump, Barrel pump, disinfectant pump and accessories.
  • Superior Hose Reel, Superior Suction Boom, Hose reel folding.

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