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- LoRaWAN City-Wide Modem

Lora VAN Modem System, software and hardware are Yaşam R&D's product: -LoRaWAN works in the EU868 frequency band. -LoRaWAN supports v1.0.2 Spec. -Supports special application reading and includes internal Network Server. -Supports FOTA Supports Remote Management. -Has LTE 150MBps module. -Has internal GNSS receiver and supports atom hours. -16 channels can be listened simultaneously. -250-500 meters of radius in the city 2 floors below the ground -750-1000 meters of radius in the city between 0 and 20th floors -2-10 km of radius upstate. -Limitless number of water meters can be in a modem. -600-1500 water meter support according to 1 hour of data transmission frequency. -OTAA support providing automatic setup of water meters in the field.

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