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- Model CART Series - Combined Acoustic Radio Transmitters



Compatible with acoustic (WHS, JSATS, MAP, Rcode) and coded radio (SRX 800) receiving technology. An invaluable tool for tracking aquatic species that move between marine and fresh water or between shallow and deep fresh water environments. A single tag permits continuous tracking of aquatic species through multiple environments and receiving systems. Lotek experience in Radio, Acoustic, Archival and Satellite telemetry has naturally evolved to multi-mode products. Lotek is continuously expanding fish and wildlife tracking capability by combining different telemetry technologies. The CART Series combines acoustic and radio technology permitting researchers to efficiently track their animals from the headwaters to the open oceans and everywhere between.

  • Allows researchers to leverage existing receiver infrastructuire and share data with colleagues thereby reducing costs and impact on species.
  • For use in all environments, including shallow and deep freshwater, estuaries and coastal/open oceans.
  • Combines radio and acoustic transmission on a single device thereby elliminating the need for double tagging.
  • Compatible with multiple acoustic receiving systems, including WHS, JSATS, MAP and Rcode, and coded radio (SRX 800) systems.
  • Compatible with both coastal scale and fine scale wireless acoustic positioning systems (UMAP-positioning software).
  • Available in ID-only or ID plus sensors (temperature, pressure/depth, motion).
  • Flexible duty cycle (acoustic/radio and multi-sensor) to optimize detection rates and data acquisition.
  • Rapid transmission rates (to 2 seconds) for efficient mobile tracking and high resolution 2D/3D very fine scale positioning.

  • Studies of migration activity of anadromous species from the ocean to the spawning site.
  • Studies of lake dwellers moving between shallow and deep freshwater.
  • Microhabitat utilization and species interaction.
  • Manual tracking, autonomous datalogging, presence/absence and 2D/3D positioning.
  • Monitoring of fish entrainment around hydro facilities during migration.

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