- Model GPS 3300 - Remote Tracking Collar Monitoring System



Based on the proven design of Lotek GPS systems, the GPS 3300 is the successor of the GPS 3000 model. The 3300SL is our lightest remote tracking collar to date. Weighing only 200 grams, it is capable of collecting up to 1728 data records per battery pack. The GPS 3300S can collect up to 5,088 fixes while the GPS 3300L is capable of collecting up to 21,216 data records.

The GPS 3300's advanced features allow you to:

  • define the schedule of hourly fixes
  • program VHF beacon cycles to coincide with your tracking schedule
  • calculate operational life based upon your selected schedule
  • monitor the animal's activity in 2 axes
  • replace your own collar battery packs
  • eliminate the need for exchange collar inventory
  • correlate temperature sensor data with GPS location accuracy
  • answer questions never thought possible!

The GPS 3300 is capable of tracking the fine-scale movements of individual animals through a variety of habitats. Using collars with differential correction, you can obtain highly accurate position readings with an error of less than five metres. The collar's large data storage capacity can significantly improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your wildlife study. Furthermore, by taking advantage of our highly flexible scheduling option, your study can be customized to your particular research needs.

The result is a very accurate map of the travel paths and behaviour patterns of smaller animals than previously possible!

The GPS 3300 is ideally suited to provide locational data for:

  • detailed home range analysis
  • precise movement corridors
  • micro-habitat analysis

It can be used on such animals as coyote, wolf, goats, sheep, mountain lion and cougar, to name but a few.

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