Low Incline BEV-CON Flexible Screw Conveyor



Versatile configurations conform to your application. This custom BEV-CON low-incline, mobile conveyor allows dust-free connections to both upstream and downstream equipment. It meets 3-A Dairy standards and is engineered to handle bulk solid products that tend to pack, cake or seize in general purpose conveyors.

The enclosed conveyor tube prevents product and plant contamination, and enables products to maintain moisture and temperature levels, while the gentle rolling action of the flexible screw prevents the separation of blends. The screw is the only moving part contacting material, resulting in reduced maintenance and increased reliability.

BEV-CON conveyors are characterized by straight conveyor tubes and can transport non-free-flowing as well as free-flowing materials horizontally, vertically or at any angle. All are offered in stationary and mobile configurations to satisfy low- to high-capacity requirements, and are available designed, constructed and finished to industrial, food, 3-A Dairy and pharmaceutical standards.

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