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Model LP100VDC150W - Linear DC Programmable Power Supplies


Model No. LP75VDC300W is installed with communication port, so it’s rising speed is extremely high . With its systematic futures, it can match any instrument to be integrated into special-functioned testing system.

1. Low ripple & Low noise.

2. High resolution and accuracy (0.1mV/0.01mA).

3. Built-in high-accuracy 51/2 voltmeter and milli-ohmmeter.

4. Supporting high-accuracy & dynamic programming output.

5. Double-channel 75VDC 2A output.

6. High-brightness ,VFD display, 8-channel output.

7. Can be extended to single-channel 75VDC (4A) (external cable & controller needed).

8. Can be extended to 150VDC (2A) as requested (external connection & controller needed).

9. Able to work under 50?.

10. Intelligent fan system fan automatically initiated according to the temperature.

11. Supporting input and output triggered externally.

12. Power-on-self-test, software calibration and standard rack mount.

13. Be in conformity with standard SCPI protocols.

14. Supporting RS232.

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