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Model LS200H - Well Drill


Water wells, soil sampling, geotechnical testing, exploration shot holes & auger drilling The plus means more. More power. More performance. More reliability. The LS200H+ features the same operator-inspired design of the LS200, but includes a more robust hydraulic system and more powerful engine options. Its high capacity, load-bearing swivel coupled with high-pressure hydraulic motors provide enhanced reliability and serviceability. With the addition of tricone roller bits and drill collars, the LS200H+ easily handles soft and hard rock formations.

Enjoy less downtime and greater overall productively and versatility with this unit. The LS200H+ efficiently drills 6-inch borehole to 200 feet in sand, clay, gravel, soft & hard rock formations. Heavy-duty welded steel frame and reinforced table base provides added durability. Hydraulic system features pullback forces of 5,000 pounds and push down forces adjustable up to 5,000 pounds for efficient drilling in rugged terrain and hard rock formations Convenient by-pass flow switch allows pushing up to maximum force when anchored. 3-way ball valve enables operator to quickly by-pass mudflow when adding pipe. Swivel base design moves rotary aside for full, easy access to borehole. A 20-horsepower Honda gas or 19-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine provides worry-free power. 

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