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The degree of luminescence depends on the amount of ATP-AMP and is quantifiable (expressed as Relative Light Units – RLU) using the Lumitester PD20. The more bioluminescence is measured, the greater the degree of impurity. The whole procedure lasts less than 30 seconds.

After a waiting time of no more than 30 seconds, our innovative process shows the level of impurification resulting from organic residue (e.g. bacteria) without the need for any enhancement or incubation. This patented, genetically engineered firefly enzyme also has detergent-tolerant characteristics: the presence of any cleaning material residue does not inhibit the reaction and the measurement and results are not distorted (Patent no. EP 1 041 151 A1).

Samples are taken with the sterile LuciPac Pen. The LuciPac Pen detergent solution releases the ATP and AMP. Contact with the firefly substrate enzyme system (Luciferin-Luciferase) releases ATP and AMP in an enzymatic circulation reaction (our patented AMP-ATP circulation technology).

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