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- Model R2S-UMB - Radar Precipitation Sensor



The radar precipitation sensor Lufft R2S-UMB allows fast measurement of precipitation intensity and distinguishs between precipitation type (Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail). The operation is maintenance-free, thanks to radar measurement technology. The speed rate of drops is registered with a 24 GHz doppler radar system. By comparison between the speed rate and the size of drops, the quantity of rain or its intensity will be registered. The road condition (rain/snow/snow-covered rain/freezing rain/hail) is determined thanks to the speed rate of the rain. Resolution up to 0.01mm, without maintenance.

  • Parameters measured: Rain/precipitation quantity, rain/precipitation type (Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail)
  • Measurement technology: 24GHz Doppler radar
  • Product highlights: Very fast response time, maintenance-free measurement, present weather detection
  • Interfaces: RS-485, various RS-485-protocols, analogue output

  • Very fast response time - Rain detection with the first drop! Very important for traffic applications, where every minute counts!
  • Distinguishs different precipitation types (Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail)
  • Maintenance-free operation – no moving parts that can wear out thanks to radar measurement technology
  • Suitable for solar-powered automatic meteorological stations
  • Resolution for rain intensity of 0.01 mm

The maintenance-free and extremely fast measurement of precipitation type and intensity fits perfect the needs of the following applications...

Examples of Use:

  • Weather observation for road and traffic control systems (RWIS - road weather information station)
  • Weather stations at airports
  • Weather stations of meteorological services
  • Mountain weather stations for avalanche and flood warning
  • Hydro-meteorological stations

  • General :
    • Resolution liquid precipitation : 0.01...0.1...1.0mm/m²
    • Power supply : 4...32 VDC
    • Power consumption without heating : 2VA
    • Heater power : 30VA
    • Operating temperature range : -40...60°C
    • Operating humidity range : 0...100%
    • Protection type : IP66
    • Interface : RS485 semiduplex wire, UMB protocol, pulse and frequency interface
    • Cable length : 10m
    • Type of precipitation : Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail
    • Measuring range hail : 30mm
  • Precipitation :
    • Principle : Doppler-radar
    • Reproducibility : Typical >90%
    • Measuring range drop size : 0.3...5mm

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