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- Model RA-915M / PYRO-915+ - Mercury Analyzer - Hg Analyzer


Use of RA-915M spectrometer with background correction and a two-chamber atomizer PYRO-915+ allows direct analysis of solid and liquid complex-matrix samples (oil, condensate, coal, foodstuff, etc.)

RA-915M Mercury Analyzer with pyrolyzer PYRO-915+ (with large optical length of analytical cell and heated windows of the analytical cell is developed for unique direct mercury determination (no pretreatment procedures required) in complex organic samples at the level of few µg/kg.

Using of RA-915M spectrometer with background correction and a developed two-chamber catalyst atomizer PYRO-915+ allows direct analysis of complex-matrix samples.

PYRO-915+ atomizer consists of two chambers. The first is for evaporation of liquid and pyrolysis of solid samples. The second chamber is continuously heated about 800°C. There, all mercury compounds are dissociated and smoke and interference compounds are burst.

The power supply unit of the attachment provides stable air flow speed and temperature of chambers and analytical cell.

Method - Atomic absorption spectrometry.

Put the sample (from 20 to 300 mg) to the sample boat. Switch on integration of the analytical cell and insert the sample boat into PYRO-915+ attachment. Integration will be finished in 60-120 sec when the analytical signal goes back to the baseline.

Is based on the atomization of mercury contained in the sample in a thermal decomposition attachment PYRO-915+ and subsequent measuring the absorption of the 254-nm resonance radiation by mercury atoms using Zeeman correction for background absorption.

  • Unique direct mercury determination (no pretreatment procedures required) in liquid and solid samples (including complex matrix organic samples): waste water, blood, foodstuffs, oil and oil products, bottom sediments, rocks etc.;
  • Fast mercury determination without its preliminary accumulation on a gold trap;
  • Broad dynamic measurement range: 5 orders of magnitude;
  • Variable temperature of the decomposition chamber allows selection of optimal atomization. Preset modes for various types of samples are embedded in the software;
  • Heated analytical cell rules out interferences even for a sample with a high content of organic substances and chlorides;
  • Boost heated function (stepwise heating of the atomizer) allows to control the completeness of the mercury release from the sample;
  • Monitoring the background absorption during measurement allows effective selection of the permissible weight of samples of any composition, thereby avoiding analysis errors;
  • Visualization of mercury output from the sample, user-friendly computer interface;
  • Calibration coefficient is set using standard mercury-containing sample of any composition, high calibration stability;
  • Automatic control of the air flow rate, no carrier gas is needed.

  • Sample weight: 10-500 mg
  • Upper limit of the measurement range of concentration for a 20 mg sample: 200 mg/kg
  • Time for one measurement with air pumping rate 1 l/m: 1-5 min
  • Size and weight of analyzer: 470x210x110 mm, 7.5 kg
  • Weight of PYRO-915+: 17 kg
  • Dimensions of power supply unit: 380x260x130 mm
  • Dimensions of thermal chamber unit and optical unit: 350x350x120 mm
  • Power requirements for analyzer: 100/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 15 W
  • Power requirements for PYRO-915+: 100/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 700 W

RA-915M mercury analyzer with PYRO-915+ attachment can be used in food and oil-refining industries, medicine, for sanitary and environmental control.

Rapid-analysis of complex objects:

  • raw materials and industrial products;
  • foodstuffs and biological objects (plants, hair, blood, etc.);
  • cosmetics, medicines;
  • crude oil, oil products, mercury in coal, peat, and shale oil.

Demercurization monitoring:

  • monitoring of a demercurization process involving any chemical reagents;
  • quality assurance of the demercurization.

  • Mercury analyzer RA-915M;
  • PYRO-915+ unit;
  • A PC with OS Windows-95 or higher versions with the dedicated software;
  • Standard sample set;
  • Installation and commissioning.


  • All of the Lumex equipment is covered by a 12-months warranty.


On customer’s request our service engineers can carry out installation and commissioning of the Lumex instruments at customer’s site. Consultations and initial training of attendance personnel are provided with due account of customer’s specific needs. Spare parts are delivered and repair is made immediately upon customer’s request (free within the warranty period).

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