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- Model QG21I™ - QuenchGone21 Industrial (QG21I) Test Kit



The QuenchGone21 Industrial (QG21I) test kit provides the means to accurately monitor and control total microbial growth in any industrial process water fluid. LuminUltra’s advanced reagent system provides accurate, repeatable, and interference-free results in high-solids, medium-biomass applications. When used in conjunction with other routinely collected data, the QG21I test kit can become a valuable component of maintenance programs, such as in the prevention of foul odours, slimes, and equipment corrosion.

QG21I uses two parallel 1-minute analyses on each sample to determine the health and activity of the living microbial population within any process water sample. These test protocols provide two pieces of valuable information:

  • Cellular ATP (cATP) – represents ATP from living microorganisms, and therefore is a direct indication of the living population. Once target thresholds for cATP are established, cATP results can be used to manage biocide treatments.
  • Biomass Stress Index (BSI) – represents the stress level experienced by the microbiological population. This quantity is very useful in monitoring biocide treatment efficacy.

How to Get Started

LuminUltra's test kits contain all of the consumable materials required to run their specified number of tests (Defined by the last 2 or 3 digits of the product code). To use these test kits, LuminUltra recommends one of the following equipment bundles:

  • Field Kit & Luminometer (EQP-PAC): Field Case, Micropipettors, Kikkoman Lumitester.
  • Bench Materials & Luminometer (EQP-BTM): Micropipettors, Kikkoman Lumitester, Test Tube Racks.
  • Kikkoman Lumitester TM C-110 (EQP-LUK): Kikkoman Lumitester luminometer & accessories

LuminUltra is sensitive to the needs of each individual customer.  Our expert staff can consult with you to determine the best means by which the data collected from our test kits can be integrated into your existing data management practices.  We have multiple software platforms and can even assist you to integrate ATP data directly into existing control systems, process historians, and data archives.

Getting started with QG21I is easier with direct training.  LuminUltra can supply you with on-site auditing and training services, web-based training, and one-on-one consultation to get your process improvement program off the ground.

When you receive your QG21I test kit, utilize the following guidelines for material storage.  Note that the presence and quantity of each item listed below will depend on test kit size and type.

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