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- Model QG21W™ - Wastewater Test Kit



The LuminUltra Wastewater (QG21W™ Test Kit) is the key to unlocking a new level of control in your biological wastewater treatment plant! It provides the ability to measure the active biomass population (cATP), stress levels (BSI), and suspended solids activity (ABR). By isolating the living population and eliminating all interferences, the operator can maximize efficiency and stability in any treatment process to prevent upsets, manage toxicity, streamline operations, and save money!

The LuminUltra Wastewater Test Kit uses two parallel analyses on each sample to determine the health and activity of the active biomass population in a wastewater sample. This test protocols provide three pieces of valuable information:

  • Cellular ATP (cATP™) – represents ATP from living microorganisms, and therefore is a direct indication of the living population. Once target thresholds for cATP are established, cATP results provide the ideal basis for operational stability, optimization, and continuous improvement of a wastewater treatment process.
  • Biomass Stress Index (BSI™) – represents the stress level experienced by the microbiological population. This quantity provides an early warning of impending process problems and stressful conditions (i.e. toxicity).
  • Active Biomass Ratio (ABR™) – represents the percentage of bioreactor solids that are active microorganisms. Maximizing the ABR provides many benefits such as enhanced sludge quality and improved settling.

Looking for sludge bulking or attached growth measurement capabilities? The Wastewater Advanced test kit includes the above plus capabilities for two additional measurements:

  • Specific Floc-Bulking ATP (s-fbATP™) – represents the quantity of ATP from bulking floc relative to microorganisms. This measurement provides an early-warning of bulking conditions, allowing operators to proactively mitigate bulking conditions in sedimentation processes.
  • Specific Attached-Growth ATP (s-agATP™) – is a measurement of the ratio of suspended to attached microorganisms in attached-growth processes. Higher fractions of suspended relative to attached microorganisms indicate sub-optimal process conditions.

  • Results available in < 5 minutes.
  • Detection range sufficiently broad to apply to both treated effluent as well as concentrated sludge.
  • Specialized methods are available for unique process types such as attached growth systems (e.g. MBBR, IFAS) via the Wastewater Advanced test kit.
  • All interferences such as solids, colour, residual chemical, and other characteristics inherent to sample matrices are completely negated.
  • All reagents are stable for at least one year.


Reliable data requires reliable equipment. LuminUltra’s flagship PhotonMaster™ is a purpose-built, robust, field-ready and low-cost luminometer specifically designed and optimized for LuminUltra’s patented line of 2nd Generation ATP test kits. Our goal was to reduce equipment costs for our customers, but we didn’t stop there.

As the world’s first USB-powered and operated commercial-grade luminometer, the PhotonMaster has been designed to shield against the elements and potential interferences while working in typical field conditions. No need to worry about batteries or power cords; the PhotonMaster uses as little power as a typical computer mouse.

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