Aboatox Oy

- Light Swaber Environmental Assessment Kit



This method employs a novel, patent pending sampling and test device called the LumoStix™ to rapidly screen samples for toxicity in the field. Swabs at each end of the device provide both a sampling and test location and the prepared BioTox™ reagent
is employed to assess toxicity using a portable luminometer. The LumoStix™ device is easy to use,  and can be adapted for a variety of sample applications. This protocol can be employed for pond, lake, river or sea waters.

The inhibition of light emission of photobacterium Aliivibrio fischeri (formerly Vibrio fischeri) from direct contact to sample toxicants is determined by measuring light emission from bacteria on the surface of the swab at one end of the device after sample exposure and comparing it to the light emission of an analogous amount of bacteria on the swab at the other end of the device representing background levels of bioluminescence. Inhibition of light emission after an incubation period compared to the background indicates sample toxicity. The assay is therefore entirely portable and uses minimal equipment. Inhibition of light output can be calculated manually or with appropriate software.

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