- Model EYH - Two Dimension Movement Mixer



Principles Mainly consists of three big parts, rotating cylinder, swinging rack and frame. The rotating cylinder lies on the swinging rack, supported by four wheels and its axial fixation is done by two stop wheels. Two of the four wheels are driven by rotating system to make the cylinder rotate. The swinging rack is driven by a set of swingl ink-crank mechanism which is mounted on the frame and the swinging rack is supported on the frame.

The rotating cylinder of EYH Two Dimensions Mixer can make two motions at the same time. One is the rotation of the cylinder and the other is swinging of the cylinder along the swinging rack, materials to be mixed will rotate when the cylinder is rotating, and will be mixed from left to right when the cylinder is swinging. As the result of these two motions, materials can be mixed fully in a short time. EYH Two Dimensions Mixer is suitable for mixing all kind of powder and granule materials, Herbs, Spices

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