- Model LVS1 - Low Volume Sampler



Microcomputer controlled gas collector for the automated dust sampling on membrane filters with a diameter of 140 mm or 150 mm in acc. with EN 12341. Low volume sampler for dust, 1 channel, controlled with MicroPNS module, collects on 47/50 mm membrane filters.


The gas flow is determined physically correct with pressure and temperature compensation and is considered by the electronic control unit in the form of a correcting variable. The control module MicroPNS controls the system.

  • Sampling heads PM2.5, PM10, and TSP available
  • Flow settings up to 2.3 m³/h
  • Sampling is real-time controlled
  • Settable collection duration or volume
  • Suitable for unattended, fully automatic operation
  • Available as individual module or with weatherproof case
  • 220 Vac/ 50 Hz power supply

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