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- Lysing Kits for Tissue Homogenizer



Precellys Lysing Kits are prefilled tubes with specific beads that are suitable for use with all biological samples prepared for DNA, RNA, protein or drug extraction.

  • More than 15 references for soft samples to hard samples
  • 0,5ml – 2ml – 7ml ready-to-use tubes
  • Wide range and mix of beads for optimized results
  • Full range of ceramic beads

Enjoy all the benefits of Precellys' powerful bead-beating technology with the 15 available references of Precellys Lysing Kits! Precellys Lysing Kits are robust tubes prefilled with high quality beads and manufactured under clean-room environment. Optimize your preparation of biological samples: animal tissue, human tissue, plant tissue, microorganisms... whatever the sample you wish to prepare, find a suitable Precellys Lysing kit from the 15 available references: choose the right tube size (0.5ml, 2ml or 7ml), bead type / diameter (ceramic, glass, stainless steel...) and you will be sure to obtain excellent DNA, RNA, Protein and Drug recovery!

Save time and improve your lab practices by following tried & tested scientific publications: use our web-based Application Center to find the right Lysing Kit for your sample: just enter your sample name and get access to examples, lysing kits and protocols that current Precellys' users are already using!

Brain, liver, heart, muscle, skin, kidney, lung, spleen, colon, feces etc. The Precellys Lysing kits can also be used for pulverization of difficult tissue samples such as bones, hair, cartilage, etc. Whole organs can even be prepared thanks to 7ml Lysing Kits.

Leaves oats, tomato seeds, cotton, soil etc. Also pulverization of hard materials such as seeds, roots, rice etc. Large samples can also be prepared thanks to 7ml Lysing Kits.

Small beads facilitate the crushing of micro-organism walls. Yeast, fungi, spores, mold, bact. gram+/gram-, mycobacteria, cyanobacteria, algae etc. 0.5ml Lysing Kits are especially suited to small sample amounts.

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