- Model M800 - Perfect For Elevated Tanks

Mission monitors tanks, small to large. Mission's equipment may be connected to a variety of of tanks in a number of different ways.

Use Mission's M110 to monitor high and low tank levels. Simply connect a high float and low float to any one of Mission's 8 digital inputs and you have a basic tank alarm system. Using Mission's legendary notification system, alarms will be called out via phone, pager, fax, or email. No phone line? No problem. Mission's ultra reliable cellular data radio receives a signal in even the toughest locations.

Many water tanks are at locations without power. Mission offers several solar options. If simple floats are used, all you need is the small (6' X 6') solar cell which fits on top of the NEMA 4 enclosure. It will power the main circuit board, radio, and floats. For installations where continuous monitoring is required Mission supplies a larger 21-Watt solar panel and supply. Mission can supply all the equipment already engineered for the application.

For large elevated or hydrostatic tanks Mission supplies the M800 series RTU. This RTU transmits data continuously. Watch levels rise and fall in real-time. It is a full-blown SCADA system with levels or pressures scaled and labeled on the screens.

Mission's M800 can control one or many wells using existing or easily installed tank level controllers. Get rid of expensive and unreliable 'tone lines' and start getting complete real time data. With Mission you'll see the levels at the tanks and monitor pump running status, runtimes, starts, well output and more. All for less than most auto-dialers and a phone line.

This is truly SCADA Made Simple.

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