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Model M66V - Media Air Filtration Systems



The M66V is a portable version of the M66 that maximizes flexibility in use. Both air purification systems can be ordered in a variety of filter configurations including electrostatic, HEPA, activated carbon and more which will effectively remove a wide range of airborne contaminants including smoke, soot, fine dusts, vapors mist, VOC’s and more at a rate of up to 3200 cfm. Optional accessories are available for both M66 model air filtration media including backward inclined blower packages up to 5 hp for additional static pressure capacity, silencer, overhead mechanical arms with halogen lighted hoods, HEPA filter options and more.

  • 36 months parts warranty.
  • One externally supported 10' arm with 8' diameter flexible hose with hood.
  • One HP maintenance-free motor.
  • 35% 4' pleated prefilter.
  • Primary filter.
  • 10' power cord with molded plug.

  • Halogen light for source capture hood.
  • 45 lb. activated carbon module.
  • Double arm configuration.
  • 2 HP motor upgrade, 3 HP motor upgrade.
  • Extended service filter upgrade.

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