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Model MA-23 - Vacuum Pumps



These quality vacuum pumps are the accepted standards for specific gravity testing and other high-vacuum laboratory applications. MA-23 Vacuum Pump is a large oilless pump that allows multiple specific gravity tests to be performed simultaneously. This heavy-duty unit combines large capacity with maintenance free operation. The 1/3hp motor pulls 29.6in Hg (759.46mm), with free air displacement up to 99L/min (3.5cfm), and ultimate pressure of 9Torr. Dimensions: 11.1x9.2x11.0in (282x234x279mm), includes a NEMA guarded switch and grounded electric cord. Est. Ship Wt.: 23lb (11kg).

MA-24 Vacuum Pump offers the same vacuum capacity as some oil systems in an economical oilless pump package. The 1/3hp motor pulls a vacuum to 29.6in Hg (759.46mm), with free-air displacement up to 45L/min (1.6cfm) and ultimate pressure of 7.5Torr. Dimensions: 11.7x7.2x9.5in (296x183x240mm), includes a NEMA guarded switch and grounded electric cord. Est. Ship Wt.: 22lb (10kg).

MA-27A Vacuum Pump has a two-stage, direct drive, rotary vane pump that provides good performance to cost ratio. This lightweight 1/2hp pump features 0.001Torr ultimate vacuum pressure and 3.0cfm free air capacity. The compact design reduces space requirements and a 2.5in (64mm) diameter Bourdonstyle 0—30in (0—762mm) vacuum gauge is mounted on the intake side. A gas ballast valve permits purging of water vapor. The handy plastic grip handle allows easy portability. Dimensions: 14x5.25x11in (355x133x279mm), WxDxH. Est. Ship Wt.: 32lb (15kg).

MA-28 Vacuum Pump has a two-stage, belt drive, rotary vane pump that has fast recovery time and good durability. This quiet, reliable pump has standard 3/8in intake fittings for quick connection or adaptation to other equipment. It also features a drain cock and sight glass for easy maintenance and monitoring of oil levels, an approved belt guard and On/Off switch. A one-year manufacturer parts and labor guarantee is standard. The exhaust dome and baffle condense oil spray for cleaner operation. Base Dimensions: 18.5x10x10.75in (470x254x273mm), WxDxH. Est. Ship Wt.: 40lb (18kg).

MA-29 Vacuum Pump has a two-stage, belt drive, rotary vane pump that has high vacuum capacity and good free air capacity for higher volume applications. The heavy-duty unit features cast-iron construction, quiet operation and long service life. Pump is supplied with motor, pulley and belt with guard mounted on a sturdy steel base. An oil sight gauge, drain cock, and standard 7/8in intake fitting are also included. The initial fill and an extra quart of oil are provided. A gas ballast valve is fitted for purging water vapor and other condensates. Pump recovers from atmospheric exposure to guaranteed 100Torr in one to three minutes. 17.3x11.5x13in (438x292x330mm), WxDxH. Est. Ship Wt.: 110lb (50kg).

MA-32 Vacuum Pump is a budget oil-less diaphragm pump that is ideal for use with light-to-medium duty lab applications. This popular unit comes complete with gauges, connections, and relief valves for vacuum and pressure applications and has built-in On/Off switch and carrying handle. Pump has free air capacity of 1.1cfm (31.2L/min), and can produce vacuum to 25.5in Hg (648mm), or up to 60psi (414kPa) pressure as a compressor. It is quiet, portable, and maintenance free. The pump has 1/8hp, 115V, 60Hz shaded pole motor with thermal protection and is UL listed and CSA approved. Overall Dimensions: 5.3x7.6x10.5in (133x194x267mm), WxDxH. Est. Ship Wt.: 20lb (9kg).

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