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Climate control is a system for creating and maintaining a constant room climate. In Germany the term 'Klimaanlage' is used in the sense that the temperature, humidity and air quality within a room can be produced and maintained. By contrast, when referring to such a system in other countries, it is often understood to simply mean a system for keeping a room cool (air conditioning).

We at MABEG Regeltechnik GmbH will establish how your project needs to be climatized and what type of system can best achieve this. We are the specialists and always look at the full picture - not just a small part of it as many others do.

Climate control systems help provide a healthy, agreeable climate for humans, animals and plants. A room climate that is pleasant for humans has a temperature of approx. 22°C and a relative humidity of approx. 50 %.

The purpose of a climate control system is to condition a room using incoming air and air ducting. Classification takes place according to the controlled thermodynamic functions for the incoming air.

Furthermore, the climate control systems are additionally labelled according to the ventilation function. If air is brought in from the outside, this involves a climate control system with ventilation function. If, on the other hand, the air is simply recirculated, then this involves a climate control system without ventilation function.

Since the mid 1980s, adiabatic cooling has been increasingly used in Germany for the air-conditioning of buildings. Here the required cold is produced through evaporative cooling. When water is exposed to the air, it evaporates and creates a cooling potential that always lies below the ambient temperature. The sub-temperature that can be achieved depends on the climatic conditions of the air. In Germany this averages out at around 10° C. Besides the transport of air and water, no mechanical, electrical or thermal energy is needed to produce the cold. In this way, adiabatic cooling ensures that the rooms of the Federal Chancellor's Office are kept pleasantly cool throughout the summer months. With 1 m³ of water (approx. EUR 5.00) an office area of 1000 m² can easily be cooled daily. An extreme case.

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