- Model MAC 110L/1 - Baler

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Macpresse - Model MAC 110L/1 - Baler

The L series balers are designed and built to compact municipal solid waste, RDF and in general all recyclable materials. The MACPRESSE L series is characterized by high output and efficiency thanks to the compression  cycle speed and cutting efficiency of the materials exceeding the size of the compacting chamber. The MAC 110L/1 baler is the medium-sized version of the MACPRESSE “L” series models.This baler stands out in its category for its low power consumption and high efficiency, ideal for transfer stations and landfills. The Mac 110L/1 baler is fitted with a wide loading hopper.



Large main cylinder with dedicated hydraulic circuit.


First-quality hydraulic pumps coupled with high-efficiency electrical motors offer low electric consumption and noise. Simple, functional and easily maintained hydraulic circuit.


Cartridge hydraulic manifold block.


Oversized metal structural frame made with high quality materials to withstand the high level of wear and tear and the structural stress typical of waste baling.


Compacting chamber and bale extrusion channel covered with HARDOX 450 wear resistant plates.


5 wire re-inforced horizontal binding unit.


Ideal bale size (W 1100 x H 1100) to optimize loading on the most common means of land, sea and rail transport.


You can also install a conveyor system with scraper for collection of leachate.

Technical Data

Macpresse Europa S.R.L
Macpresse Europa S.R.L
Loc. S. Giuseppe
Vernate , Milano; 20080


Recycling Systems for the municipal solid waste processing sector

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RDF Waste Baling Machine MAC 110 L/1: Baling and Wrapping RDF/SRF waste in UK - Video

RDF waste baling machine MAC 110 L/1 is the medium-sized version of the Macpresse L series, designed to compact MSW, RDF/SRF waste and all recyclable materials. It stands out in its category for its lower power consumption and high efficiency. MAC 11O L/1 is fitted with a wide loading hopper. Waste is collected from the plant tipping floor and dropped in the apron conveyor hopper, then it`s compacted in bales, tied up with 5 steel or plastic wire and wr

Polyester Baling Wire Advantages: Poly Tie Binding With MAC 110/1 Baler in Sesa Plant, Italy Video

The polyester baling wire “Poly Tie” system is the Macpresse patented solution to reduce the costs of waste baling. Macpresse has patented a special binder to use either polyester or iron wire, depending on the customer needs: the Poly Tie system. In this video you can see the first single ram baler MAC 110/1 with the automatic polyester wire binding. Poly Tie binder can bind 5 plastic wires simultaneously in 20 seconds, the same time requir


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