- Model AgriFlo 3 - Doppler Flow Meter



MACE, based in Australia, is a world-leader in designing doppler flow meters with over 40 years experience. Recognizing the ever-increasing need for better flow metering in the environmental protection and irrigation industry, MACE designed and tailor-made a meter targeted at monitoring abstraction and discharges particularly for agricultural and irrigation purposes. The MACE AgriFlo3 is the only flow meter of its kind on the market anywhere in the world. The instrument is easy to install, easy to use and virtually maintenance free. Unlike conventional flow meters, AgriFlo3 has no moving parts and provides minimal obstruction to the flow. This means that the meter stays in service longer without time-consuming repairs.

Agriflo3 is a low-cost entry-level flow meter which, like all flow measurement methods, will give excellent long-term performance if installed in the right channel and flow conditions. Continuous wave doppler devices need good approach conditions with uniform, non-turbulent velocity in the upstream channel. Isodaq Technology therefore recommend that the MACE range of flow-meters are only installed in appropriate channel conditions and should always be calibrated in-situ by an experienced hydrometrist. Our sister Division, Hydro-Logic Services, will be pleased to provide a quotation to conduct feasibility/design, installation and in-situ calibration services.

  • AgriFlo supports up to three MACE velocity sensors
  • Single full-pipe sensor can be used in pipes from 100mm (4') to 2.5 metres (100') in diameter
  • Optional combined depth/velocity sensor can be used in open channel or non-full pipe applications
  • Weatherproof, polycarbonate case that can be padlocked for added security
  • Real time display of flow rate and total flow in user selectable units
  • Vandal resistant design
  • Built-in data logger
  • No moving parts and virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Choice of either solar panel or mains powered charger
  • Optional link to Hawk XT telmetry logger with choice of PSTN, GSM/GPRS or Satellite modem.

  • Low-cost meter for small streams, waste-water effluent and irrigation channels
  • Technology - continuous wave doppler flow-meter
  • Max channels - up to 3 channels/sensors
  • Width range - 150mm to 2.5metres
  • Depth range - 4 metres maximum
  • Accuracy - typically 5% - 15% of flow reading depending on site calibration.

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