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MACRO burn Incinerators are your solution to most waste management problems involving solid, liquid or gaseous waste. Simple design and few mechanical parts combine to produce the overall appeal and reliability that MACROburn offers.

MACROburn Incinerators are manufactured utilising the high standard of technology that has been developed through many years of experience in building tough, rugged, economical, reliable and smokeless incinerators. No complex installation or refractory work is necessary on site and operation can be carried out by unskilled labour. Combustion is fully automatic, making the incinerator smokeless and odour-free.

Incineration Explained

Modern society produces a massive amount of waste on a daily basis, of which a large part is hazardous and cannot be disposed of using conventional treatment. Incineration is therefor used to destroy pathogens and toxins while reducing the waste content by about 95%.

The incineration process combusts the waste at a high temperature, forming ash, flue gas and heat. To ensure a low environmental impact, combustion has to be carefully regulated to ensure all organic compounds are completely combusted, with modern plants also including filtration systems to neutralise and adsorb compounds that cannot be combusted, and filter out particulate matter.

Today companies and governments are moving more towards recovering the waste heat from the process, to generate hot water, steam and electricity, in what is called waste-to-energy plants. The benefit with these plants are that energy is produced using flue gas from a critical service that would have already entered the atmosphere, thus no additional carbon dioxide is produced.

Why Use Our Incinerators

Lowest Emissions: Our Incinerators are designed to reduce emissions by controlling the rate of combustion in a three chamber process and by capturing Particulate Matter in a settling chamber, resulting in industry leading low emissions.

Highest Quality: Macroburn is certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, and strive to achieve the highest quality products and services. Our Incinerators are designed to operate in the harshest conditions, with few moving parts and minimal maintenance required, making MacroBurn Incinerators extremely reliable.

Filtration to EU standards: Macroburn Incinerator plants with Filtration are designed for the absolute minimal emissions while maintaining reliability and Engineering Simplicity.

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